Business Council meeting – May 5, 2022

The Prime Minister և the Chancellor hosted the high-ranking business leaders at the second session of the Business Council No. 10 yesterday afternoon. They were joined by the Secretary of Business, the Secretary of Education, the Secretary of Commerce, and the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.

The Prime Minister began by updating the Council with the actions the government is taking to promote innovation, skills, and infrastructure investments. He stressed the need for business-government partnerships to boost growth across the country and reduce the pressure on family finances.

Board members, including representatives from Burberry, Lloyds Banking Group և Scottish Power, presented a number of progress reports on each of the Business Board’s ten missions. These included setting up a regulatory system to enable innovation by providing quality skills training across the UK, finding new ways to increase private sector investment in infrastructure.

The Secretary of State has introduced an update on the Government’s new Energy Security Strategy, which should promote the UK’s long-term energy independence, security and prosperity. He said that these commitments by 2030 will make 95% of the UK’s electricity low carbon.

The chancellor said that despite the global pressure, the economy was recovering well from the epidemic, with record vacancies and unemployment returning to pre-crisis levels. The government will continue to provide 22 22 billion in assistance to families who will overcome the pressure of cost of living, while helping companies improve their skills, innovate and drive growth, including lowering business investment taxes.

The Prime Minister concluded by thanking the members for the valuable advice and said that he was looking forward to the return of the Council to discuss their work program according to the developed programs.

Business Council meeting – May 5, 2022

SourceBusiness Council meeting – May 5, 2022

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