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Buckland: Brexit ‘freedom’ brings Wales first Freeport


the government brexit “Freedom Brings Freeport” wales For the first time, Sir Welsh Secretary Robert Backlund Said.

He told Conservatives at the International Conference Center (ICC) in Birmingham: The two of us will hold hands

“We are all part of one Great Britain with shared values ​​and working together.

sir robert lit the fire labor And Plaid Cymru described it as “a party focused more on fomenting divisions and tearing unions apart than serving Wales.”

“Instead of focusing on people’s priorities, such as providing much-needed M4 relief roads for Welsh businesses and families, the dysfunctional duo are seeking even more politicians paid out of public funds. Desperate to create a fuller, larger Sened.”

Of the plans for Freeport, he said:

“Backed by millions of pounds British government Funding, Freeport brings new growth to Welsh communities. That’s why we’re directly supporting families and businesses with energy price guarantees so no one gets cold this winter. “

Sir Robert concluded his speech with a message of British unity, telling members: A prosperity possible only in a strong Britain. “

https://www.standard.co.uk/news/politics/robert-buckland-wales-uk-government-brexit-labour-b1029671.html Buckland: Brexit ‘freedom’ brings Wales first Freeport

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