BTC Cloud Mining: Easy Entry and Exit Points with Hashing24

One can hardly argue that cloud mining of Bitcoin is the trend-setter in the cryptocurrency mining sector. The major benefits of mining cryptocurrency via the cloud are low entry and exit points of investment flows, ease of access, economic rationalization of expenses on cryptominer hardware, the implementation of smart cloudmining technologies for mineable virtual cryptocurrencies, etc. Some crypto miners join online mining pools or farm sites, however Bitcoincloudmining remains one of the most sound ways for cloudux crypto mine. The following analysis is devoted to Bitcoin cloud mining company Hashing24, which provides turn-key renting solutions of the virtual hashing power.

Brief Intro About Hashing24

The previous 2021 year gave a powerful boost to cryptocurrency farming, online cloud minerfarm services and new investment opportunities in the Bitcoinminer ecosystem. The massive crackdown on cryptocurrencies, crypto-related transactions, farming and amp cloudbase in People’s Republic of China  transformed the digital economy and opened up new opportunities for crypto-friendly countries and jurisdictions throughout the world. Considering the fact that Hashing 24 is the official business partner of the Bitcoin mining conglomerate and Bitminer hardware manufacturer Bitfury (the largest private-owned non-Chinese BTC mining company), the former has progressed immensely in terms of its hashing power capabilities and investment turnover.

Bitfury Dominance in BTC Mining

In this context, the website operates as an official and recognized reseller of hashing capacities worked out by behemoth Bitfury’s data centers for mining of Bitcoins online. First and foremost, any ordinary crypto miner gets instant access to cutting-edge and avant-garde  BTC mining via clouds by purchasing a contract to mine Bitcoins. The minimal hashrate volume a platform user can buy is 1 TH and there are no contracts with obligatory maintenance fees. The lowest  contract price starts from $80. The contract duration periods include one year, one year and a half and two years respectively (valid through Jan., Feb., Mar., Apr., May, Jun., Jul., Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec.). Users can buy any preferred contract for mining Bitcoins using traditional bank cards (VISA and Mastercard credit or debit cards), Bitcoin and other virtual cryptocurrencies.

Besides, it is viable to deposit the user’s account balance with fiat currency (USD, EUR), BTC, wire or bank transfer and buy mining contracts using the account balance feature. The deposit option is free. Concerning the withdrawal option from the account balance, the minimal withdrawal amount is 0.0007 BTC, which is quite affordable for coin withdrawals. However, the withdrawal process is not instant due to the fact that withdrawal requests placed by users are processed by the site the next day after the request has been submitted.

Additionally, the Hashing24 website is famous for its Trading Room functionality. In essence, it allows users to get into trading of BTC mining contracts as buy and sell orders submitted in the order book of the Trading Desk. The miner can speculate and earn profit on coin price swings or hashrate fluctuations. The Trading Desk has an automatic matching engine and all deals for the miner are made in real time. The Trading Room features market depth, price charts and graphs, detailed statistics and notifications.

Notably, if a Bitminer is doubtful or hesitates whether BTC cloud mining is profitable or not, the site offers a handy free functionality called Demo Mining. Users can mine virtual Bitcoins under real mining market conditions and monitor their mining profit in demo mode. The number of active Demo mining contracts for a Bitminer user is unlimited. However, each newly opened Demo mining contract is operable within a period of 28 calendar days, whereas the user receives weekly notification with Demo mining results to their registered email address. Finally, users of Hashing24 can utilize the Mining Profitability Calculator in order to project estimated return on investment (ROI) or losses. The metric is very intuitive and takes just a few finger taps.

Conclusively, the Bitcoin cloud mining industry is flourishing and becomes the headliner in the crypto mining sector. We have highlighted and discussed the major determining features of one of the most popular BTC cloud mining service providers — Hashing24 — and outlined its unique market proposition for the crypto audience. To put it in a nutshell, cloud mining reduces expenses on mining hardware and software and allows to mine Bitcoins or other altcoins while staying at home because the mining industry has already shifted to the clouds.

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