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Brother and sister receive life-saving heart transplants every 8 years | UK | News

Daniel, who was 11 at the time, was waiting for a life-saving heart transplant. Four-year-old Lily knelt on a hospital bed, overcame trials and hugged her. Eight years later, Rachel took the same picture. Only this time, 12-year-old Lily, who was waiting for a heart transplant … and was rejuvenated by a hug from her brother. Lily was also given a second chance in life after being given a new heart a few weeks ago.

Rachel, 37, who is training to become a nurse, said:

“It was very shocking when Daniel suddenly needed a heart transplant. We didn’t expect it for a million years.

“When he got the transplant, we thought we could put it all behind us, so to face the same situation, Lily also needed a heart a few years later, which was devastating. was.

“When I took a picture of Lily hugging Daniel at the hospital before getting a transplant, I never imagined I would take the same picture eight years later, and vice versa.”

Daniel was diagnosed with a condition called dilated cardiomyopathy in June 2013 after feeling sick for a week.

From her home in Wolverhampton, Rachel said: But suddenly he was out of breath and couldn’t get out of bed.

“One day I took a bath, and after about 30 minutes, my body size quadrupled. I had never seen anything like that.”

Rachel and her husband, Simon, 38, are self-employed printers who sent him straight to the hospital, and Daniel was immediately transferred to the Birmingham Children’s Hospital, a previously undiagnosed family member, but with a hereditary heart. I was diagnosed with the disease.

Rachel said:’It was very shocking when the doctor told us what it was. I never thought it would be so serious. “

Daniel was moved to London’s Great Ormond Street and suffered several cardiac arrests while new organs were discovered before being placed in a machine called the Berlin Heart to maintain his heartbeat.

Rachel said: She will give him a hug, and that’s when I took a picture of them together to show how nice a bond they have. “

Daniel underwent surgery in November 2014 and was successful. Rachel said: “He did very well after the transplant and went back to school. But because it’s genetic, we were nervous about what’s happening to Lily, so when she was diagnosed. After reaching the age of ten, the same age as Daniel, we sighed in relief. “

But last September, Lily began to feel sick after attending a friend’s birthday party. Rachel said: “She was ill and thought she had insects around her, but when she was lying on the bed, she saw the jugular veins in her neck pumping.

“I panicked and immediately called the hospital. She was tested to show that she had a heart condition and needed a transplant.

“It was devastating. I couldn’t believe that both of my children needed such a heart transplant.”

Lily was taken to Birmingham Children’s Hospital to wait for her new heart. Rachel said: “Lily draws power from the fact that Daniel was in the same position as her and needed a new heart.

“He was the only one who could really understand what she experienced, so the bond between them is now even stronger.”

Lily had a new heart just before Christmas and needed a pacemaker after two cardiac arrests. But she was finally allowed to go home last week.

Rachel added: “Both my kids have been given a second chance in their lives and we are incredibly grateful.”

Brother and sister receive life-saving heart transplants every 8 years | UK | News

SourceBrother and sister receive life-saving heart transplants every 8 years | UK | News

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