Brooke Braton talks about meeting her “ex-girlfriend” alone

Brooke Braton tells her how she really feels about her ex-girlfriend Jamie Lee Curtis being single and wearing a suit, and whether she has the opportunity to steal her heart. Clarify what you are doing

Brooke Braton reveals if his “former” Jamie Lee Curtis has a chance to win her heart in the new season single After the history of the pair.

Both women previously starred in the Nick Cummins season Bachelor’s degree Back in 2018, a close bond was formed, and rumors quickly spread that the pair dated after the Honey Badger series was over.

“I’m sure Jamie Lee’s relationship with me wasn’t mentioned,” said 26-year-old Brooke. Yahoo..

Fate?Brooke Braton (left) tells her about her ex-girlfriend Jamie Lee Curtis (right) wearing a single suit, and whether she has the opportunity to steal her heart. Clarified how you feel

Youth workers explained that when they first encountered their “priorities” they were different because they focused on Nick during his season.

Brooke admits that the relationship between both women wasn’t developed correctly afterwards, but they were still connected.

“It never really happened in the outside world, but I think there was always a connection in the years we knew each other,” she said.

Reality stars said they didn’t really know that Jamie Lee would be one of her bachelor’s season contestants, and were really shocked when they crossed the road again.

“It was very surprising,” Brooke confessed. “I didn’t expect it, but I knew it was a kind of friendliness and you already had a connection with someone.”

When she discovered that Brooke was her next bachelor’s degree, Jamie Lee had already taken her to Instagram and told her followers that she knew it wasn’t “now or never”. bottom.

Crossing the Road Again: The youth worker admitted that she was shocked because she didn’t expect Jamie Lee to see her at the show, and said of the meeting: Already connected with someone “

“I strongly believe that things happen for reasons, and I feel that this timing was nothing but fate,” she wrote in the caption.

The next seventh season of bachelorhood began with Brooke being the first indigenous and bisexual lead. In other words, both men and women are competing for her affection.

This is the third fascinating scenario for youth workers who starred in The Bachelor in 2018 and Bachelor in Paradise in 2019.

Singles will premiere on Channel 10 on Wednesday, October 20th at 7:30 pm

Take the central stage: Brooke previously couldn’t find love in Nick Cummins’ 2018 and 2019 bachelor’s paradises


Brooke Braton talks about meeting her “ex-girlfriend” alone

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