Britney Spears sings live and teases new music, but after adult guardianship warns his family, “I will never forget what you did to me.”

Britney Spears sang live and made fun of new music, but after her protection was over, warned her family, “I will never forget what you did to me.”

This happened after Britney’s dad, Jamie, asked her to pay his $ 120,000 hourly lawyer, even though he was dismissed as her guardian.


Britney Spears will sing live with new music after a three-year career break.Credits: Instagram / Britney Spears
In a shocking new Instagram, Britney also blamed her family for guardianship.


In a shocking new Instagram, Britney also blamed her family for guardianship.Credits: Instagram / Britney Spears

Britney, 40, spoke out in a video posted on Instagram.

She recorded herself singing on her cell phone in the bathroom mirror.

When she wore a little pink crop top and low-cut jeans, the stars showed off her toned belly.

Britney wrote a long caption in her post, stating:

“God knows they weren’t … so I just read myself, and this is what I found.”

The star continued to list all the achievements of the Grammy Award-winning pop songs.

She continued: “No … I haven’t auditioned for anything! I remind myself and the world of who I am! Yes … I’m my own cheerleader Why? “

Britney warned her family: “I’m here to remind my white” classy “family that they haven’t forgotten what they did to me, and that I’ll never forget. !! “

The pop artist also teased new music: “Pssss a new song in the piece … I’m going to let you know what I mean!”

Britney’s fiancé Sam Asgari wrote in a comment:

Even Miley Cyrus, who is hosting NBC’s New Year’s Eve with Pete Davidson, commented “#vocalbible.”

Fans were enthusiastic about the comments in anticipation of her alleged new song.

Oops!He did it again

Jamie’s new lawyer Alex WeingartenSubmitted on Monday, but demanding ongoing payments from pop stars The guardianship system has ended..

by Legal documents obtained by The Sun, Family patriarch, 70 approves “confirmation, approval, and instruction” of his daughter’s property to the court to “pay Jamie’s attorney participating in his ongoing trustee liability proceedings.” I am asking.

“Prompt payments at Jamie’s attorney’s fees are necessary to enable Britney to disband the power of attorney quickly and efficiently so that she and Jamie can control her life as desired.” The court’s petition alleged as the reason for the request.

Jamie’s lawyer then claimed that he “stepped up to protect his daughter in 2008 and stepped into the role of co-guardian when Britney was undoubtedly incapacitated and sacrificed.” 40-year-old Britney then in her own testimony she Forced by “abuse” court arrangements She said she “did not protect” it.

The document continued to argue why Jamie claimed he was “dedicated to protection” and believed he should be given further payments. The health of his daughter and her property Because he has spent her life away from opportunistic and completely selfish parties. “

His lawyer added: Adult guardianship system To ensure that Britney’s property is not exhausted by handlers, lawyers, and the selfish aides of others who pretend to be concerned about Britney’s welfare, after Britney has expressed her desire to control her life and career.

“Jamie’s ongoing attorneys’ fees incurred to complete the power of attorney will be covered by Britney’s property.

“Jamie’s trustee liability did not end with his suspension or order to terminate the power of attorney.”

His lawyer then pays more from his daughter’s property to “fulfill his ongoing obligations,” even though Britney begs the court to dismiss her father as a guardian. He said it was necessary.

He argued that “paying these fees on the same terms as all other parties in this matter is essential to quickly complete Britney’s interest in ending the power of attorney.”

Jamie’s lawyer said his suspension was Britney’s guardian “We do not allow him to participate in the process of terminating the power of attorney or deny the requirement that his attorney’s fees be paid from Britney’s property.”

If you ask for money

In another argument that allows Britney to fund, Jamie’s lawyer said that “public policy” was “a groundless allegation alleged against him,” but his attorney’s fees were paid by his daughter’s property. Claimed to be demanding payment.

by New York TimesAlex, his lawyer, charges real estate about $ 1,200 per hour for his legal services.

It’s not clear at this point what Jamie has done to make money in recent years, other than making a lot of money. Paid through guardianship-But he was seen Living in a rural trailer in Louisiana..

Due to the expected amount of future proceedings, the total amount paid to Jamie’s lawyer will exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars after she has already paid millions of attorney fees.

Earlier this month, Sun reported that Pop Princess had taken control of her property for the first time in a 13-year power of attorney.

Grammy Award-winning lawyer, Matthew Rosan Galt“Now she has the power to do whatever she wants,” while blaming her father at the Los Angeles Courthouse. Jamie Spears, As “humiliation”.

The singer Finally given freedom From Jamie last month Guardianship hearing, Certain parts of her life were still controlled or monitored by the courts-including her millions of dollars in property.

but, Judge Brenda Penny In early December Britney You are now authorized to run and sign financial or real estate documents yourself.

This decision will be possible for the first time in almost 14 years Britney Have the power to control her own finances.

Baby again?

Earlier this month, Britney announced that he had a boy or girl with Sam, shaking the “newcomers” to the family in front of the Christmas tree.

The pop star has voiced out that one day she wants more children who want to have a daughter with her long-standing beauty.

Britney made fun of her fans with her new baby in an Instagram video that looks like she’s feeding a little kid while standing in front of a decorated tree.

The baby one more time singer swings back and forth while showing the baby bottle in one hand and turns his back toward the camera.

The two moms put on a pink mini dress and heel on the clip and asked the fans to vote for the baby’s gender.

She captioned the post: “A new addition to the family guessing whether it’s a boy or a girl … Thanks again to baby @samasghari !!!!”

She didn’t show in the video who she was feeding, but fans seemed convinced that the star had hired a puppy or kitten in the comments.

But it’s no secret that Pop Icon wanted to expand her chicks with her future husband.

Last month, Sam admitted that they were already planning a wedding, E!news: “It is very realistic to live my life and live our life like this.

“We are preparing for the wedding, baby!”

Baby girl

The singer said, “For years, I was talking about wanting a baby girl,” insider. Talked to the sun exclusively..

Sources explain: “Britney definitely wants more kids. She is very happy and grateful to another son, but deeply, her desire is to be a little girl’s mom.

“She wants to give her a dress and take her daughter to a dance class. The sons aren’t interested.”

The insider said, “It can happen soon, but that’s not her main focus so far. They both want children together and now there’s nothing to stop her.” Added.

Informants also claimed that if Britney had no more children, they would “never have” a relationship with her parents, Jamie. Lynn Spears..

They insisted that: If she gives birth to a baby, Britney will do everything to protect him or her and raise the child in a safe environment.

“It’s a well-known fact that it’s not a safe place to have those people around.”

Britney Mom to two sons, Sean Preston, 16 years old, Jayden James, 15 years old, ex-husband Kevin Federline..

Pop star hasn't performed live since her Piece Of Me Tour in 2018


Pop star hasn’t performed live since her Piece Of Me Tour in 2018Credits: Getty-Contributor
Jamie Spears was removed as Britney's guardian after 13 years of fighting


Jamie Spears was removed as Britney’s guardian after 13 years of fightingCredit: AP
Britney Spears says he “welcomes a boy or girl” with his fiance Sam Asgari, rocking “Tot” in front of the Christmas tree.

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Britney Spears sings live and teases new music, but after adult guardianship warns his family, “I will never forget what you did to me.”

Source link Britney Spears sings live and teases new music, but after adult guardianship warns his family, “I will never forget what you did to me.”

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