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The speaker, whose pink confetti is pushed into the clear blue sky and blows up Britney Spears’ biggest hit, gets even more when news reaches out-of-court supporters that her 13-year conservation effort is over. It has risen.

Some people shed tears of joy and relief as the screams filled the air.

Megan traveled from Chicago to Los Angeles hoping that the power of attorney would end.

“I’m so happy, it’s been so long, and now she’s finally free, she can live her life,” she said.

Britney’s power of attorney has officially ended

“I had to be here for this.”

Expectations rose in the morning before an important hearing, with fans marching along a palm-lined street outside the Stanley Mosque Courthouse, with placards raised high.

“Why isn’t she the leader because it’s her circus?” Written in one. “This is a human rights issue. Release Britney now!” Another.

Four women in the iconic costumes of Spears’ most famous music video performed a dance routine on the stage built on this occasion.

Fans marched along the street outside the Stanley Mosque Courthouse

For the past two and a half years, the Free Britney movement has brought energy, color, and a common sense of anger to the cause when their idols campaigned to be released from her parents.

“She is a prisoner of war. She is not even allowed to go out for coffee,” said one.

The most hardcore fans have become experts in the mechanics of the power of attorney-extreme law for those who may not be able to make their own decisions, usually those with dementia and other mental illnesses. It is a target arrangement.

It took less than 45 minutes for Judge Brenda Penny to reach her decision that this no longer applies to Britney Spears.

Inside the courtroom, the line was full of journalists and the general public. “I don’t have a phone or electronics,” the court official yelled after the records of the previous hearing were leaked online.

Spear’s lawyer Matthew Rosangart was asked to put his position first.

“Ms. Spears believes it’s time to end this power of attorney,” he said. He read an excerpt from her previous testimony that she told the court that “I just want to regain my life.”

Fans showed support for Britney outside the courtroom

Britney’s father, like his mother Lynn Spears, was dialed to the hearing. Their lawyer also said they agreed that the power of attorney system should be terminated.

Judge Penny has not heard any dissent and has decided that the protection of the property and the person should be terminated because it is “no longer needed”.

I felt that such a decision that attracted international attention, and in the end, a decision that was very meaningful to the hundreds of fans who gathered outside the courtroom, was inevitable.

Britney’s power of attorney has officially ended.

Her temporary guardian, John Zabel, has only a few administrative privileges, including transferring the lawyer’s authority to her trust.

Rosan Galt told Sky News that the story wasn’t over outside the courtroom, and Spears had to decide whether to pursue his father Jamie in court.

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As a guardian, Jamie Spears says she only managed her daughter’s property and personal affairs for 13 years and was in her best interests.

However, Spears says he abuses his position and she wants access to full financial records throughout the disputed period of the power of attorney.

The end of the power of attorney is a life-changing decision for Spears. Once the dust has settled, she may return to the stage, but this time it’s her condition.

Britney Spears: “She’s Finally Free”-Fans React Outside Court When Star’s Power of Attorney Ends | Ent & Arts News

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