Britney Spears’ father borrowed $ 40,000 from a company he later hired to manage her property.

Lou Taylor, a former Britney Spears business manager, told Millions the singer’s finances after the company lent $ 40,000 to his father Jamie in 2008 when the singer was involuntarily mentally restrained. Was managed.

  • Britney Spears’ father, Jamie, reportedly borrowed $ 40,000 from a company he later hired to manage his daughter’s property when she was put under the power of attorney.
  • According to The New York Times, Spears has been funded by the Tristar Sports & Entertainment Group, owned by her daughter’s former manager, Lou Taylor.
  • He reportedly received a loan while the singer was hospitalized in a non-voluntary psychiatric hold in 2008.
  • Spears soon became the guardian of her daughter and the following year hired Tristar to manage Britney’s life.

Owning company Britney Spears“Former manager Lu Taylor was revealed to have earned millions of dollars to manage the star’s finances after lending $ 40,000 to his father before the power of attorney began.

Jamie Spears is said to have secured funding from Taylor-owned Tristar Sports & Entertainment Group, and the toxic singer was hospitalized in 2008 on a non-voluntary psychiatric hold. New York Times..

A few days later he California A court to control the affairs of his daughter.

The judge approved the power of attorney request, and the following year Jamie hired Tristar to manage Britney’s property.

During the 13-year adult guardianship period, Jamie earned an estimated $ 6 million. Tri Star refused to reveal how much money it made from the deal, but Times estimates that number is “millions.”

Taylor resigned as a singer’s business manager last November, and the star’s power of attorney officially ended last month.

Jamie received a “at least” $ 40,000 loan from Tristar at the beginning of his relationship with the company. Alex Weingarten, a lawyer for Jamie Spears, initially insisted on the Times that Jamie had never received a loan from Tristar, but later confirmed that.

Lou’s defense counsel, Charles Harder, claimed that Jamie would repay the loan, denying that it would affect Tristar’s power of attorney.

He said in an email:

Britney Spears' father later borrowed $ 40,000 from a company he hired to manage her property when she was placed in the power of attorney.

Under scrutiny: The company, owned by former Britney Spears manager Lou Taylor (pictured left), has earned millions of people to manage Star’s finances after lending $ 40,000 to his father, Jamie.The singer and her father are depicted on the right

The new report also details how the singer’s account was opened at Stonebridge Wealth Management, a company co-founded and co-owned by Taylor shortly after the power of attorney began.

The company claims that it has not received any fees for many of the services it has provided, “it seems that some other operations have benefited Taylor,” the report said. They include Britney’s property paid to a security company hired by his father to monitor “Free Britney” protesters who criticized Taylor, and one of the former employees monitored Britney himself and made Taylor’s. Pay a portion of your personal legal costs.

In 2010, the Power of Attorney donated tens of thousands of dollars from the Britney Charity Foundation to a conservative Christian counseling group associated with Taylor and her husband.

Jamie Spears’ also donated 10 percent from time to time [income derived from Britney] To a church run by Taylors, according to financial documents reviewed by the Times.

Anthony Palmieri, the next president of the National Guardianship Association, told the newspaper that he had “a leak of conflict of interest.”

He added: Do parents make decisions in the best interests of the parents or business managers they are in debt to? ”

Earlier this month, Jamie filed a formal complaint against the “Circus” hit maker and her team at the Los Angeles High Court.

The 69-year-old patriarch insisted that he wanted to tie up the loose end and move on after Britney’s guardian officially disbanded, but he blasted the 40-year-old singer’s “temporary guardian” into the process. I dragged it.

He also accused Britney and her team of issuing a statement for no purpose other than attacking him and attempting to describe him as a “shameful, suspended guardian.”

Britney took a picture with his father and mother Lynn Spears

Britney took a picture with his father and mother Lynn Spears


Britney Spears’ father borrowed $ 40,000 from a company he later hired to manage her property.

Source link Britney Spears’ father borrowed $ 40,000 from a company he later hired to manage her property.

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