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British tanks settle in Germany as Russia’s threat rises in Eastern Europe | UK | News

Vehicles from the UK join the eastern side of NATO Germany Ten years after British troops were asked to withdraw to focus on Afghanistan and Iraq.After the decision has increased Russian army Existence around Ukraine that may precede an invasion similar to what happened in Crimea in 2014.

Whitehall security sources told Telegraph that Russia’s military activity at the Ukraine border was “aggressive” and “worried.”

The UK has owned Estonian-based tanks and other armored vehicles for five years as part of Nato’s Enhanced Forward Presence mission to deter Russia.

Under the new plan, additional tanks will be installed at the Nato Forward Holding Facility in Sennelager, Germany.

No additional troops will be sent back to Germany, The Telegraph reports.

Instead, the unit spins Sennelager by using a tank in motion or by preparing for deployment in Estonia.

Russia is keeping an eye on NATO’s latest move in Eastern Europe, as revealed in an article published Wednesday by Fyodor Rukianov, chairman of the Russian Foreign Council, who advises the Kremlin.

He writes: “This recent escalation in Eastern Europe has shown that the old security principles of the continent are no longer working.”

“Russia will need to change the system and draw a new’red line’,” he said, referring to the post-war agreement between the Soviet Union and Finland, under which Moscow is Helsinki’s neutral in the Cold War. In return for sex, he acknowledged Finland’s independence.

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An integrated review of government foreign, defense, security and development policies conducted earlier this year reduced the number of Army troops from 82,500 to 73,000.

The Defense Minister said: It is many years old. “

“When I went to the Salisbury Plains in November and stood in an armored brigade in motion, it was exactly the same as I was in 1991, except for better communication and some laser rangefinders. “

“It really reminded me how late our army was.”

So, Wallace announced that in addition to the £ 40 billion already announced in the new kit, another £ 8 billion will be spent on purchasing new tanks and helicopters over the next decade.

British tanks settle in Germany as Russia’s threat rises in Eastern Europe | UK | News

SourceBritish tanks settle in Germany as Russia’s threat rises in Eastern Europe | UK | News

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