British military planners deploy AI to gain an edge over the enemy

According to technology companies working for the government, British troops use artificial intelligence to predict enemy behavior, perform reconnaissance, and relay real-time information from the battlefield.

Military chiefs hope that applying AI technology to war (a key feature of the government’s new defense and security strategy scheduled for next week) will provide better information to commanders during critical operations. is.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already shown that military modernization depends on the use of machine learning.

“We will focus our investment on new technologies that will revolutionize the war, such as artificial intelligence, unmanned aerial vehicles, and directed-energy weapons,” he told the Munich Security Council last month.

Johnson also said £ 16.5 billion in defense fundingWill help fund AI’s new military research center, announced last fall. This is expected to include the relocation of some personnel from the Ministry of Defense Science and Technology Institute in Porton Down.

Former Army officer Rob Bassett Cross, whose data analytics firm Adarga has signed MoD for two AI projects, said the military could use machine learning as a “global radar” for threat intelligence. I did.

According to Bassett Cross, algorithms trained to focus on specific threats, such as enemy weapons capabilities, can translate and analyze announcements and military intelligence from enemies in China, Russia, or North Korea. ..

“AI has the ability to be dynamic and can ask questions, so we can be alerted when a threat is identified,” he said. “We can provide suggested decisions for decision making. We can create reports and update specific scenarios.”

Bassett Cross added that the British military “relies on a small number of people” to absorb and process information from around the world, even though these features already exist.

Adarga contributes to the contract between software developer Improbable and Strategic Command in the United Kingdom. Virtual reality program This will create a digital replica of the United Kingdom, allowing military chiefs to “war” operations and strengthen their defenses. The company also licenses AI software to Strategic Command under a separate agreement with BAE Systems.

According to Bassett Cross, military AI features that MoD may consider include automatic analysis of reconnaissance drone footage and the ability to determine the function of buildings in foreign cities based on the movement of people and cars around them. Includes construction tools.

Oliver Lewis, a former MoD intelligence co-founder of tech company Rebellion Defense working with the British government, said AI “soldiers, tanks and weapons systems run their own algorithms through wearables and cameras. To do.

“One of the most exciting things about AI is the possibility of active data triage on the machine,” says Lewis. “The problem at the moment is not data collection, but sifting and presenting decision-related information to the commander. This is a software orchestration of war, which is our first time in the air, land, cyber, It means that we can connect the naval battles. “

Earlier this month, the US National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence, chaired by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, said Report on page 765 It warns that China plans to undermine the US’s traditional military advantage with a “leap” into new technologies.

The commission said Beijing was “training AI algorithms in military games designed around real-world scenarios,” and Chinese military leaders were “for reconnaissance, anti-electromagnetic measures, and coordinated firepower attacks.” We are openly talking about using AI systems for this purpose. “

“”[The US] Without ubiquitous AI capabilities and a new combat paradigm, we cannot defend against AI-enabled threats, “the report concludes.

British military planners deploy AI to gain an edge over the enemy

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