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British child abusers have targeted Ukrainian refugee children

The sex offenders claimed they were providing “humanitarian aid”.

A number of known British child abusers have been asked to leave Poland after British authorities found they traveled there to target Ukrainian children in refugee camps, the National Crime Agency said Thursday.

Ten men were interviewed by Polish immigration authorities before being sent home, the National Crime Agency (NCA) was told. Regardless. According to an NCA spokesperson, the men were required by law to declare their beliefs upon arrival in Poland, however. “We inevitably find that they did not.”

Convicted predators reportedly claimed they were offering “humanitarian aid”. Refugees who fled the conflict in Ukraine, at least 5,000 of whom are accompanying children in Poland, the speaker continued.

“For us, it’s about letting our partners know that these convicted child sex offenders are on their turf for a simple reason.” an NCA official said. “Setting up [the children are] safety is absolutely paramount.”

It is unclear whether the child abusers had contact with the Ukrainian children before they were deported.

In addition to child refugees, the perpetrators also threatened women who fled from Ukraine. Ukrainian authorities was arrested Earlier this month, the leader of a criminal gang claimed that his group was offering jobs to women abroad who wanted to leave the country, only to have them work as prostitutes in Turkey.

There has been an increase in interest in Ukrainian prostitutes “is a strong incentive for traffickers to recruit and exploit Ukrainian women on a large scale,” Valiant Ritchie, OSCE Special Representative and Anti-Trafficking Coordinator, told conference in Ireland in May.

Human trafficking has long been a problem in Ukraine as well. US Department of State report noted last year that while the authorities had done “significant effort” In the fight against trafficking, the country has reduced the number of victims, and in some cases government officials have been complicit.

The children of state orphanages were identified in the report as: “Particularly vulnerable to human trafficking.” and caregivers in these facilities have in some cases been described as “Malice or willful negligence in the sexual and labor trafficking of girls and boys in their care.”

British child abusers have targeted Ukrainian refugee children

SourceBritish child abusers have targeted Ukrainian refugee children

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