Britain Increases Global Military Presence Under “Future Soldiers” Plan

London [UK], November 26 (ANI): The United Kingdom is determined to strengthen its military presence in the world in accordance with the plans announced by the British Ministry of Defense on Thursday.

“More troops will be deployed around the world more time. Larger forward deployments are ready to anticipate crises and compete below open conflict thresholds. Improve our capabilities. It prevents conflicts by reassuring and deterring allies and partners. We read the “Hostiles”, “Future Soldiers” modernization plans.

The UK Ministry of Defense has also announced additional investment in military equipment worth £ 8.6 billion (US $ 11.46 billion) over the next decade. This will increase total investment over the same period to £ 41.3 billion.

“Future soldiers are reinforced by the ambitions outlined in the Defense Force to transform the Army into a more agile, integrated and deadly expeditionary force,” said Ben Wallace, British Defense Minister. For Army equipment, the total investment will be £ 41.3 billion. “

The ministry estimates that the British regular army will include 73,000 soldiers and the number of reserves will be 30,000, with a total of more than 100,000 soldiers in the British army by 2025. It’s a schedule.

One of the most important innovations is the new Ranger Regiment, which will go live on December 1, 2021. As part of the Army Special Operations Brigade, the regiment is “regularly deployed with partner forces around the world to counter extremist organizations. A hostile national threat.” Our army is from cyber warfare. We will be active around the world with the ability to face a myriad of threats, up to battlefield conflicts, “Wallace said. (ANI)

Britain Increases Global Military Presence Under “Future Soldiers” Plan

SourceBritain Increases Global Military Presence Under “Future Soldiers” Plan

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