Britain faces a shortage of seasonal workers this Christmas

Britain is facing a shortage of seasonal workers this Christmas. Fresh research argues that job seekers avoid temporary work in the “excess” of roles.

Indeed, as of October 1, the percentage of job searches performed for seasonal roles decreased by 27% compared to the same period in 2019, according to the job site, to the level of 2018. It is 33% below.

Indeed economist Jack Kennedy said, “Retailers and logistics companies rely on seasonal staff as they have already warned that shortages could lead to empty shelves this Christmas. It reveals what the employers are against. “

The “shortage” of applicants is because job seekers remain “choose” and, according to Indeed, 1.2 million vacancies have been recorded in the three months to October.

Decrease: The number of UK-based workers looking for seasonal jobs has declined

Many employers are particularly desperate to act as food servers and sales assistants. Indeed says that the face-to-face role currently accounts for about 45 percent of seasonal vacancies.

Retailers and salespeople may be one of the most sought after workers in their seasonal roles, but as many consumers continue to shop online, so do seasonal drivers and warehouse staff. Very sought after.

“This is money,” a spokeswoman for Indeed said, with salaries for most seasonal jobs offered between £ 10 and £ 20 per hour. But one of the jobs of Santa Claus actors is to pay successful applicants £ 100 per hour.

Job seekers’ interest in Christmas jobs is about 11% higher than in October 2020, when the second wave of coronavirus was in full swing. “Last year’s numbers were kept very low by the second wave of the pandemic, which forced most of the economy to shut down.”

Amazon aims to hire 20,000 seasonal workers this Christmas, and future staff will take a live virtual tour to see what it’s like to work behind the scenes of an online retail giant You are encouraged to do so.

Pay for Operations roles start at a minimum of £ 10.00 per hour, and in some parts of the UK, Amazon’s full-time, part-time, temporary, or seasonal roles, Amazon’s full-time center, sort. Center, and delivery will rise to £ 11.10 per hour. The station, the group said.

An Amazon spokesperson said:

Recruitment: Amazon is recruiting 20,000 seasonal jobs across the UK this Christmas.

Recruitment: Amazon is recruiting 20,000 seasonal jobs across the UK this Christmas.

Current Demand: Indeed's chart shows how the demand for seasonal roles in face-to-face has changed.

Current Demand: Indeed’s chart shows how the demand for seasonal roles in face-to-face has changed.

Lack, which is a sign of a broader problem

Many experts believe that the surge in employer demand for seasonal workers will increase the existing staff shortages experienced in many areas.

For example, the global shortage of HGV drivers is now forcing shipping giants to leave the port of Felixstowe. This means that there is a growing shortage of stores in the UK.

Indeed, Kennedy said: “In a sense, the labor market is a victim of its own success.”

He added:

Lauren Burnett is the founder of Home Hospitality

Lauren Burnett is the founder of Home Hospitality

“The number of searches for Christmas job seekers is only about one-third at this point in 2018 and 2019, so people’s supply is simply not keeping up with employer demand.

“Labor shortages are felt throughout the economy by both employers looking for full-time new hires and those looking for temporary staff.

“There’s still room for improvement, but as we approach the peak of the Christmas recruitment season, pressure becomes especially painful in the retail sector, which relies on Christmas for most of its sales.

“For them, the risk of emptying staff rooms is as serious as the risk of emptying shelves.”

Lauren Barnett, founder of Home Hospitality, said This is Money that staff shortages at restaurants, cafes, hotels and other businesses “worse” during Christmas.

She added: Other measures.

“But they are all fighting for the same group of people. A few people currently looking for a job on our network are asking what the Christmas and New Year business hours are. Because they want to know that they ideally don’t have to work all the time.

Kate Nichols is CEO of UK Hospitality

Kate Nichols is CEO of UK Hospitality

“Restaurant that is completely closed during that period is shouting it from the roof, so it’s doing better than most others in recruiting.”

UK Hospitality CEO Kate Nicholls told This is Money:

“More than usual, this Christmas will be an important trading period for pubs, bars, restaurants and other places, and we’ll struggle along the path to Covid’s 18-month recovery.”

Nichols added:

“We are working with the government on how to achieve this ambition by promoting careers and improving the skills of the domestic workforce. Promising a long-term VAT rate of 12.5% ​​in the hospitality sector protects the recovery. Helps companies grow and invest more in the workforce.

A ManpowerGroup spokesperson said this was money.

“With the growth of online shopping and changing consumer preferences, demand is increasing across the logistics and distribution sectors.

“This sector is the same as the rest of the UK. 77% of all employees face a talent shortage, but the logistics crisis is timed before the holidays. As demand grows, employers need to look for new talent pools to fill the gap.

Post-pandemic labor shortages have boosted wages and fueled inflation concerns, with job openings reaching a record 1.2 million last month.

Even though the unemployment rate was well above the level before Covid struck, the number of posts available surged again-although it fell 0.4 points in the quarter to August.

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Britain faces a shortage of seasonal workers this Christmas

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