Britain close to cannibalism over cost of living crisis, says Russia

Food in the UK is getting more and more expensive, but we have not yet resorted to cannibalism (Photos: EPA / AFP / Getty)

Russians are now being told that Britons are resorting to cannibalism to get through the cost of living crisis.

Pro-Kremlin outlet TsargradTV has blamed – and dramatically exaggerated – the UK’s economic problems for sanctions against Russia.

Britain’s support for Ukraine has apparently retreated so badly that the population had no choice but to eat together, the station suggested.

TsargradTV claims that the UK has fallen victim to the ‘risk of cannibalism’, as Europe stands for ‘hunger’.

The outlet, owned by Putin-supporting businessman Konstantin Malofeev, published a story this week entitled ‘Cold, Hunger, Cannibalism: London fell into his own Ukrainian pit. ‘

It reads: ‘Things are not going well in the UK. While politicians are playing into the Ukrainian crisis, their own population is preparing for famine.

‘And journalists are starting to say terrible things out loud, reminding them of the risk of cannibalism.

The outlet illustrated its story with two cavemen standing behind Union Jack bunting (Image: TsargradTV / shutterstock)
The Covid pandemic, the gas supply crisis and the war in Ukraine have put the UK in a difficult financial position (Photo: Getty)
The war in Ukraine has already caused a major shortage of sunflower oil (Photo: Getty)

‘Europe sees an explosion in prices, and politicians are talking about the threat of mass famine.

‘In some cities of Britain an emergency is being introduced due to food shortages.

‘The crisis lasts only a few weeks. And the British are already being pushed to … cannibalism! ‘

To support these claims, TsargradTV quoted from Jeremy Clarkson’s column in The Times who said, ‘Hunger makes people eat of their neighbors’.

Mr Clarkson did write about the impact of the war on the UK’s food supply, but, without saying so, he did not report that the British had turned their backs on each other.

Russia is one of the largest agricultural exporters, but it is similar to and is transferred into various food categories by countries including the US, China and India.

While the UK gets most of its food from Europe, Russia and Ukraine together make up a quarter of global wheat exports.

Britons are struggling with a cost of living crisis as inflation pushes prices up, with energy and household bills skyrocketing.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak today announced a windfall tax on energy companies that have recorded extraordinary profits, while people have record increases on fuel bills.

The move would go to a £ 10 billion grant package to help people cover rising costs.

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Britain close to cannibalism over cost of living crisis, says Russia

Source link Britain close to cannibalism over cost of living crisis, says Russia

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