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Brilliant new sponsors boost Scottish football

A host of Scottish businesses have pledged their sponsorship to football, with the influx of cash boosting funding for lower leagues after pandemic hardship.

The South Region Challenge Cup has welcomed these new sponsorships from Scottish businesses who support grass-roots football and the communities that rally around them. Not only will this newfound sponsorship boost the Cup, but it will also help support the competing junior teams and community causes.

Glasgow-based radiator company Trade Radiators was the first of a trio of Scottish businesses to announce their support for the Cup. After the cheque was signed, we caught up with the managing director of Trade Radiators to garner his opinion about his support of football: “We are delighted to sponsor the Cup and show our commitment to local football.

“Sport brings people from different backgrounds and with different abilities together and is an important part of our national heritage.”

The Cup Competition Secretary, Richard Osborne, was delighted with the new investment in Scottish football: “It has been a pleasure to secure sponsors from Scottish businesses for this year’s Cup.

“It is an honour to accept their sponsorship, and we greatly appreciate their support for the Cup and all its teams.”

With the lockdown finally easing up and life gradually nearing normality, this sponsorship has come at an opportune time with fans now returning to the stands. From the matches that have already brought excitement to the football circuit this season, it is clear that fans are thrilled to be supporting their local lads in person.

It goes to show just how vital sponsorship is for teams that play at tiers five, six, and seven of Scottish football. The development of the Cup itself, the venues, and community events associated with junior football is reaping the benefits of new capital.

The South Region Challenge cup is now in its 15th year, and the 2021/22 diet is heating up already. The defending champions, Dunipace, have already been knocked out in the second round. That was the work of Sauchie Juniors in October. With 20 new teams making the new total of competing teams 162 this season, that may be the first of many upsets to come.

With these new sponsors and the unlikely results on the pitch it’s shaping up to be an exciting season all round for lower league football.

Boyd Digital – Glasgow-based net gurus – has stepped up in defence of Scottish football. Run by Grant Ruxton and Colin Boyd, both huge footie fans, the sponsorship couldn’t have come from a better time.

Ruxton said: “We are delighted to be able to support the Cup. It’s great to see more teams taking part than ever before.

“It’s already an exciting year for the Cup and all the teams involved. As much as I am a football fan, I think there is another aspect to the sponsorship that is worth mentioning. Many local teams are a very important part of the community. People in rural areas often gather for matches, and teams are often involved in charity work.

“I don’t think my responsibility as a businessman stops at my office door. As a business, we need to help communities and good causes.”

The last of the big trio to offer support to the South Region Challenge Cup came in the form of a cheque from Ardrossan-based Club Snoods. Club Snoods is a popular retailer known for providing premier Snoods, customised with football club emblems.

All these sponsors couldn’t have come at a better time, with the current fourth round bringing phenomenal football to Scotland’s venues.

Just as March broke, the Cumbernauld Colts were defeated at the skilful feet of Bonnyrigg Rose’s formidable performance at New Dundas Park. They were obliterated by a very impressive scoreline of five goals to nil.

After the match, there was a palpable feeling of excitement for not just Bonnyrigg fans but for football all round.

David Stewart, a Bonnyrigg supporter, offered what he thought about the Colts loss and new sponsorship.

“That was fantastic football in action”, said Stewart, “I was absolutely delighted. “People don’t realise what they are missing by not coming to a game of their local team.

“There was no sign of the Cumbernauld Colts defence, and I’m not sure they even turned up for the game.

“The lower leagues allow us to experience fantastic football up close. Without sponsorship, we wouldn’t be able to do as many activities as we would like to do.”

With things getting exciting, fans are anticipating great matches for the upcoming diet:

  • Linlithgow Rose VS Sauchie juniors (22nd March, 19:45)
  • Dundonald Bluebell VS Bonnyrigg Rose (23 March, 19:30)
  • Bo’ness United VS Petershill (23rd March, 19:45)

There are predicted to be some turbulent matches and the fans will be there in droves to support their teams.

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