Brian of the Dancing on Ice says she and her husband Kevin are no longer excluding children

Dancing on ice‘NS Brianne Delcourt She and her husband Kevin Kilbane say they haven’t ruled out having more children later Recently announced her pregnancy OK!..

Speak exclusively all right! Brian, a skater, admits that it’s the “nuts” that give birth to the fourth baby, but she and former soccer player Kevin say “never say” to that idea.

Asked if their imminent arrival would complete their family, or if they wanted to further expand their chicks, Brian told us. Everyone would think it strange that I have four, and I think so too. But whatever happens, it happens. “

However, her age of 40 admits that it means there is a “cutoff” point when it comes to having children.

The Dancing on Ice couple, Brian Delcourt and Kevin Kilbane, haven’t ruled out more kids after recently announcing what they’re expecting again.

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She continued. “There are of course cutoff points for our age, but I really believe that God is trying to give us God’s will. I see. I’m not sure, so don’t say that. Hmm.

“I accept what we have, and any extra that happens is a blessing of our lives. Now I have two of the most beautiful girls and another girl, I have a wonderful husband. “

And 44-year-old Kevin, who met Brian when he partnered on the 2020 Dancing on Ice series, is on the same page as his one-year-old wife.

Brianne and Kevin met when they partnered for the 2020 series Dancing On Ice.

He tells us: Having more is always at the bottom of our hearts. But we don’t take it for granted. We know that there are many families who are unable or struggling to have children.

“We need to figure out what will happen and what the yellowtail will look like after this pregnancy. Hopefully everything is fine.”

Kevin and Bryan have exclusively announced earlier this year what they are expecting again, and they will add a little more to their family!

News of their pregnancy arrives just nine months after welcoming her daughter Olivia.

However, not all pregnancies are going well. Brian discovered she had bleeding next to her placenta And I experience bleeding for a whole week.

Brianne said: I found that I had bleeding and it was right next to the placenta. I was bleeding for a week, so I went to see a doctor. I automatically thought something was wrong, or I had a miscarriage. “

Kevin added: “I’ve never heard of bleeding during pregnancy, so when I was told it was the worst.”

The couple announced their engagement in February 2020

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Thankfully, a few weeks later, the couple was told that the bleeding had diminished and everything was fine.

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Brian of the Dancing on Ice says she and her husband Kevin are no longer excluding children

Source link Brian of the Dancing on Ice says she and her husband Kevin are no longer excluding children

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