Brian Dowling reveals that his sister acts as his surrogate: “We are the happiest people in the world.”

Brian Dowling his sister Aoife erupted when she revealed that she was acting as a surrogate for him and his husband Arthur Guronlian.

Big Brother star Brian, 43, revealed his journey to parenthood in this week’s episode of Made by Mammas: The Podcastas the married star goes on to explain that he always wanted to be a father and how his sister offered to make his dreams come true.

Brian said: “I always wanted to be a parent, I remember bringing my two younger sisters somewhere in Paris, Disney, I was working at Ryanair at the time, I think I would be no more than 20 or 21 and they they were super young. And don’t forget that you told someone I was their parent to get them to ride.

I thought, “You know what, I really want to be a dad,” but then you know you’re gay and you’re back here in the ’90s, I didn’t think it was possible to be gay and then I could have kids, I just didn’t think it was possible. “

Brian Dowling reveals that his sister Aoife is the surrogate of his unborn child

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Brian is married to dancer and choreographer Arthur, and the couple is expecting their first child together thanks to the help of Brian’s sister, who has volunteered as their surrogate.

The TV star recalled the moment Aoife made the offer for a lifetime, saying, “In 2020, at Christmas, Aoife said, ‘I’m definitely interested in doing this for you,’ and we thought, ‘Oh my God, maybe this is something we really need to think about, “I told Arthur,” I’m 44 this year and I said I just feel like I’m going to be too old at 45. “Arthur is two years younger than me. .

And then it really was 2021, Arthur and I in January, we moved to our new home, which Arthur and I got and I never lived in Ireland together, so this is the first time for us because I left Ireland in 1998 and I moved to 2020

“And she and I went for a walk, and she said, ‘I’m really interested in doing this, I really, really want to help you guys, I think you’ve done so much for me.’

Brian revealed that he and his husband Anthony began their surrogacy in February

He added: “She is single, she is 32, so to experience this whole thing would be an amazing feeling. But then he is not responsible.

“So the way it happened was so organic, and Aoife was the one who initiated these talks, and it was very reassuring for us.

As surrogacy brought them one step closer to their dream, it was not without its own obstacles, something Brian discussed candidly as he explained the couple’s path to parenthood.

He said: “There are still no guarantees, you can extract 20 eggs, 20 eggs means damn everything, because you can get one viable, two viable embryos! So you can collect as much as you want, there is no guarantee that you will know a viable healthy embryo, which is really, really important. But also, when you do, your embryo transfer that day, it may not turn into a pregnancy, it may not turn into a healthy pregnancy, there are no guarantees.

Brian Dowling is married to dancer and choreographer Arthur Guronlian

“We were lucky, you know, when we left because we had lost two – we had an embryo that split into twins, but it wasn’t viable, there was a problem with it, so we lost it.

“And even for me and Arthur, I cried that day. I was so sad because for me it’s not just an egg and sperm, it’s an embryo and they knew the sex and for me it was a loss.

“I know it sounds really dramatic. But for me it was a loss. I was really sad the other day and I told Arthur – we had one embryo left, and that embryo was in the freezer months before something happened – and I remember thinking of Arthur … I was just really sad and just thinking, that “this is our baby and they are already alone.”

However, the couple was able to successfully obtain an attachment embryo, and Brian recalled how it all became real after attending the first Aoife scan and finding out she was pregnant.

Brian Dowling and his husband Arthur Guronlian are expecting a child from Brian’s surrogate sister

Brian recalls, “Afe and I went for our scan, it was an internal scan that I was so worried about because I just thought the scan was just a scan, but it was an internal scan and I wondered if it would hurt because it is a pretty big scan.

“They were like no, it won’t hurt Aoife and no, you’ll get better and then they put it in and Aoife and I held hands and we cried and heard bome, bome, bome and I tell you, now I’m getting emotional . “

“And I’m telling you, I was just standing there and I remember just thinking, oh my God, we have a baby, like we’re pregnant and it was the weirdest feeling to think, oh my god, we’re the happiest people of the world.

You know, but every time Zoe was so scared it would take us, even our scan last week, we saw the baby’s face, nose, everything, and our consultant seemed to be in trend when it came to size on your baby’s head, you know the liquid in the bag, the baby’s mouth was opening, his tongue was coming in and out and it was almost like shit, it’s like we did it! ”

A video showing the moment the couple found out was posted on social media as the news broke.

While many support Brian and Arthur’s decision to become parents, some cruel trolls have made horrific comments about Brian since he shared the news about Arthur’s baby.

Brian explained: “As much as we get incredible feedback and amazing comments, there are people who can’t stand the fact that two men who have chosen to be gay are forcing it.

“You know, ‘rape in the womb,’ ‘hiring a womb,’ ‘forcing this woman into a situation,'” and we have this from things like “I hope she doesn’t get cancer from hormones,” “I hope she doesn’t die in time of birth “,” you should not be allowed to have a baby “,” you are disgusting “, what we do with this child, what we put him in.

“The day we chose to be gay, how strange that is, we give up the right to be parents… But you know, it’s based on pure homophobia, that’s all.”

Brian Dowling is a guest this week on Made By Mammas: The Podcast, released on May 31, 2022.

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Brian Dowling reveals that his sister acts as his surrogate: "We are the happiest people in the world."

Source link Brian Dowling reveals that his sister acts as his surrogate: "We are the happiest people in the world."

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