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Brexit: Who wants a Swiss-style EU deal and what will it look like?

Brexit is slowly but surely returning to the agenda as the blame game intensifies over the UK’s slow growth and looming recession.

Discussions about the impact of the UK’s exit from the EU were quickly drowned out in the weeks after 31 January 2020 as the Covid pandemic took hold. Since then, much of the parliamentarian’s economic attention has focused on lockdowns, problems with his chain of global supplies, and the implications of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

But after the recent market turmoil caused by Liz Truss’ inauguration as prime minister and her successor Rishi Snak’s attempt to bail out the UK economy, attention is beginning to turn to the implications of Brexit.

Unresolved issues of staff shortages, costly and more bureaucratic hurdles for companies wishing to import or trade goods Europeand the political crisis in Northern Ireland have put new scrutiny on the terms of Boris Johnson’s deal.

Find out what they mean and the political implications after it was reported that government officials want the UK to pursue closer ties with the EU.

What are you suggesting?

Some within the government say they want to lead Britain down the road to a Swiss-style relationship with the EU.

Negotiations are said to be taking place behind the scenes, but Prime Minister Jeremy Hunt’s proposal to reduce trade barriers with Brussels has been interpreted as evidence of his desire to re-establish ties.

While there is no indication of a return to freedom of movement, the Sunday Times said ministers felt that relations between the UK and the EU were unraveling given the common challenges caused by inflation and the war in Ukraine. said that

What would Swiss-style trading look like?

Although outside the EU, Switzerland is the EU’s fourth largest trading partner and its economy is closely integrated with the economies of its 27 member states.

It has selective access to the single market, participates in EU research and education programs and is signed up for the Schengen Free Travel Area. Notably, it also contributes to the EU budget.

To ensure smooth cross-border trade in goods, the EU-Swiss agreement eliminates all paperwork and identity checks, most physical examinations, and most veterinary certificates.

It’s a complicated relationship. The UK, a changing European think tank, says it should accept a package deal from the EU that includes elements of legislation that Switzerland opposes.

Such agreements are frequently updated to reflect changes in EU law, and all bills submitted to the Swiss Federal Parliament are reviewed for compatibility with EU law.

Haven’t we been here before?

Brussels’ Brexit negotiator Maroš Shevchovic proposed a Swiss-style trade deal last June, but the British side, led by David Frost, decided against it because it would require regulatory adjustments. I refused.

The move was touted after Brexit border checks on food, including refrigerated meat, entering Northern Ireland from the UK could not be completed.

Shevchovic said in June 2021 a Swiss-style transaction would remove all paperwork and physical checks on red meat, poultry, minced meat, fish and dairy, and pets would be allowed to enter the UK and North on pet passports. He said he would be able to travel between Ireland.

how is the reaction?

Health Secretary Steve Barkley, who headed the Brexit department, dismissed suggestions that a Swiss-style deal was being considered.

Former minister Liam Fox also said there will always be senior ministers who prefer a Swiss-style solution after Brexit, but believes “it’s time to put these ideas to bed and get down to business at hand”. I emphasized that there are

But 56% of Britons believe leaving the EU was the wrong decision in the aftermath of the referendum, compared to 32% of Britons who believe it was the wrong decision, according to a YouGov poll. %, revealing that it reached the highest point. right decision.

https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/nov/20/brexit-who-wants-a-swiss-style-eu-deal-and-what-would-it-look-like Brexit: Who wants a Swiss-style EU deal and what will it look like?

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