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Brexit Latest: British Story “Ignite the Irish People” – MEP Condemns British “Victory” | UK | News

Brexit Although fully implemented almost eight months ago, Brussels and London are still in dispute over the Northern Ireland Protocol. The EU has proposed two sets of proposals in the hope of ending the conflict with the United Kingdom. One is about medicine and the other is about food. And now Brussels has suspended its proceedings against the United Kingdom on suspicion of violating the Protocol.

The EU has no longer renegotiated the protocol, but said it would “consider a proposal that respects the principles” of the deal.

Boris Johnson’s post-Brexit approach to Europe has offended many across the UK channel, but also in Ireland, MEP told Express.co.uk.

Republican MEP Billy Kelleher said the story and vaccine deployment in Britain around Northern Ireland was “grated” by the Irish people.

He states: “Unfortunately, the British government was a bit like Donald Trump and wasn’t too worried about what people thought about their actions.

“I think the victory over vaccines in the early stages of deployment was due to this obsession in the UK, where the EU wanted to fail with vaccines.

“A consistent tweet from senior Tories figures about how they want the EU to fail, and it’s like a continuous story.

“And the story is grateful to the Irish people because the Irish people are very pro-European and want Europe to succeed. Similarly, we want Britain to succeed. I’m out. “

Kelleher may want Britain to succeed, but he believes Brexit is the wrong way to do it.

In an interview with Express.co.uk, he added that Britain is “delusional” if it thinks it can prosper without a close relationship with the EU.

The MEP states: “Looking at Brexit and anti-European sentiment since Brexit, Britain’s withdrawal from the EU in European terms has been seen as a disaster for Britain.

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Kelleher also condemned Britain’s recent attitude towards the Northern Ireland Protocol, suggesting that Brexit Minister Sir David Frost is acting “maliciously.”

“Sir Frost’s signature is hard to understand because it’s at the bottom of the agreement. He signed the agreement. He didn’t understand what he was signing in the first place, or is now malicious. I’m acting.

“In any case, it is problematic from his point of view that the agreement he advocated is now an agreement he no longer supports.

“I think there’s a lot of politics here, especially from Britain. It’s annoying and annoying because it undermines Northern Ireland’s unique position in the world.”

Brexit Latest: British Story “Ignite the Irish People” – MEP Condemns British “Victory” | UK | News

Source Brexit Latest: British Story “Ignite the Irish People” – MEP Condemns British “Victory” | UK | News

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