Brentford boss Thomas Frank takes pride in the success of “against the odds”

Thomas Frank He admits that he takes extra pride in the achievement of Brentford’s success “against the odds.”

Brentford will return to action after the seventh international break. Premier League And on the first top flight visit from neighbor Chelsea since March 1947.

Fulham and QPR have visited western London frequently in recent years, but how close Brentford is to Frank shows that it’s the European champions who are currently on a short journey across the capital. I am.

Thomas Tuchel’s league leaders are full of international talent and broke their transfer record to re-sign this summer. Romelu Lukaku from Inter Milan Reported £ 97.5m.

“Our feeling of being proud of this performance to achieve the promotion to the Premier League is huge,” Frank said.

“Even if we were obviously the best club with the most money in the championship, it would be great. It’s a little extra, when it’s a bit against the odds, you I’m even more proud.

“You know you don’t have the most money, you’re a smaller club, you build it over time-and it definitely gives me great satisfaction.

“When you’re there as the best team, and I think City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United are the four teams that stand out. They all have much more money.

“They are very proud when they win the title, but when they compete with the odds, I think it gives you a lot of satisfaction.”

Newcastle acquisition completed Since Brentford’s last play, a 2-1 victory at West Ham has extended the bee’s undefeated Premier League match to three.

A consortium led by Saudi Arabia Public investment fund I bought a magpie for a £ 300 million transaction.

Asked if Newcastle’s cash injection made his job more difficult, Frank said: “I may be the wrong manager to answer that question. All clubs in the league. I think it has the least budget.

“If other clubs make more money than we do, yes. As long as we are competing like this in Europe, it will always be. They do it differently. Not so in America.

“Some clubs have more money than others, so there is always a difference.

“I have this Financial fair play You can actually run and take care of it.

“If you need relatively fair competition, you need to investigate.”

Brentford meet Chelsea, supported by the fact that they have already defeated Arsenal and have been drawn to Liverpool this season.

“There is no doubt that our fans were great. Fans need the best performance again to get involved,” Frank said.

“What I was happy about Liverpool was that what I did twice behind the noise became even higher in the next few minutes.

“That’s very important. Whether you’re a Chelsea world-class player or a good Brentford Premier League player, there are moments in the game where ARa is a little mentally depressed and you can get help from it. I’m a fan. “

Brentford boss Thomas Frank takes pride in the success of “against the odds”

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