Breastfeeding myths collapsed as Lauren Goodger became pregnant eight weeks after birth

Lauren Goodger I’ve always wanted two kids, but she had no plans for them to be so close in age! 35 years old TOWIE The star became the mother of her daughter Larose in July last year, and Lauren expects a second baby in July this year.

Babies so close in age are sometimes referred to as “Irish twins.” And while it wasn’t a planned pregnancy, Lauren is excited to join her family. “I can’t wait!” She said New arrival! Magazine, exclusive shooting at home. “They will be a little less than a year away!”

Both children are with Lauren’s ex-partner Charles Drury. On / off relationship with..

Lauren, who is currently 16 weeks pregnant and proudly sports a decent bump, admits that “we weren’t very careful” when it came to contraception. “It’s absolute madness,” she says.

Lauren became pregnant with surprise during breastfeeding baby Larose

understood! We spoke exclusively to Dr. Charlotte Cassis, an obstetrics and gynecology consultant, to break through some of the myths surrounding breastfeeding and childbirth.

How soon can I get pregnant after giving birth to a baby?

“Technically, you can get pregnant right away, just three weeks after giving birth,” says Dr. Cassis. “So you can ovulate and then get pregnant, even before you have your first period.”

What can you do to stop your pregnancy soon after giving birth?

“It’s very important to think about contraception right away,” Dr. Cassis argues.

“Unless you want to get pregnant again, it’s a good idea to use some contraceptive method every time you have sex after giving birth, even if it’s your first time.

Lauren Goodger and Baby Larose
Lauren Goodger and Baby Larose

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“Contraceptive implants can be placed immediately after birth or the coil can be attached at the same time as the caesarean section.

“Usually, after giving birth, you have the opportunity to discuss contraception before you leave the hospital.”

Can I use breastfeeding as a way to prevent pregnancy?

“If you’re breastfeeding and you’re trying to use it as a contraceptive, you’ll only need to breastfeed for less than six months, which is about 98% effective,” said Dr. Cassis. say.

“But if you’re breastfeeding and you’re supplementing with other milk or food, trying to use this contraceptive method for more than 6 months, or resuming your period, it’s not a reliable method.”

Consultant Dr. Charlotte Cassis specializes in obstetrics and gynecology
Consultant Dr. Charlotte Cassis specializes in obstetrics and gynecology

Is it safe to get pregnant again soon if I want to bring my siblings closer in age?

“We usually recommend that mothers wait at least one year before becoming pregnant. Very closely spaced pregnancies can increase the risk of preterm birth, low birth weight infants, and low birth weight infants. ..

“But accidents happen. Women shouldn’t panic if they get pregnant earlier than planned. But it’s important to take good care of yourself and not overdo it.”

How soon can you have sex after giving birth to a baby?

There are no rules about when to resume after giving birth.

“For many new mothers, having sex is far from their top priority,” explains Dr. Cassis.

A pregnant woman sitting on the sofa at home and worried.
You may become pregnant during breastfeeding-be careful to use contraception after childbirth

“In general, women are tired after giving birth trying to tackle changes in their lives and bodies with their newborn babies.

“If they dream of a bedroom, it’s likely the purpose of sleep. Not having sex is always the most effective form of contraception (!), But having a healthy and enjoyable sex life after the baby. It’s definitely possible to spend, remember to use contraception! “

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Breastfeeding myths collapsed as Lauren Goodger became pregnant eight weeks after birth

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