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Braverman faces mounting pressure for security breaches

Home Secretary Suera Braverman is under pressure for a security breach after it was revealed that it took hours to warn Britain’s top civil servants of a “misjudgment” on classified documents.

She was also scrutinized on Sunday for failing to heed legal advice regarding the long-term detention of immigrants at an asylum processing center in Manston, Kent.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s early days in office were overshadowed by controversy over the reappointment of Home Minister Braverman.

Braverman On October 19, she was sacked as home secretary by then-Prime Minister Liz Truss after she violated ministerial rules by sending a government letter on immigration to a Conservative MP from a personal email.

At the time, Braverman said he “promptly” warned “official channels” as soon as he realized his mistake.

But on Sunday, her allies admitted that it took her hours to point out an “error of judgment” to Chief Cabinet Secretary Simon Case.

The documents Braverman shared with Conservative lawmakers relate to proposed new government policies to boost immigration, which could boost economic growth and are therefore market-sensitive.

She also erroneously sent a copy of the policy to a parliamentary official at 7:25 am on October 19, and the recipient sent a message to the Home Secretary at 8:30 am saying it had been sent in error. did.

The BBC revealed on Sunday that Braverman sent a message to staff from his personal Gmail account at 10:02 am. “Can you please delete the message and ignore it?”

Conservative Chief of Staff Wendy Morton was alerted and tried to track down the Home Secretary.

Braverman’s allies confirmed that it wasn’t until around noon that she told staff to file Case’s security breach.

They claimed that she had “aggressively” raised the issue with the Chief Cabinet Secretary, and that the four-plus hour delay was due to Braverman’s “extremely packed schedule.”

A person close to Braverman said he first learned about the security breach when it was brought up by the Home Secretary’s office, drawing a line with the fact that Tory’s whip already knew about it. Said there was

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper said: . . This also calls into question the accuracy of Suella Braverman’s response and how seriously she takes these issues. ”

“Rishi Sunak promised ‘honesty, professionalism and accountability’ and chose to reappoint Suela Braverman to one of the government’s most important positions just six days after the violation occurred. What I did failed on all three counts,” she added.

But Level Up secretary Michael Gove claimed Sunday that Braverman was “brave” and was only receiving political criticism for her work on illegal immigration.

The Sunday Times said Braverman had failed to follow legal advice that thousands of asylum seekers have been illegally held for long periods in Manston.

About 2,600 immigrants are being held at the site — designed as a short-term processing center for no more than 1,600 — under last week’s conditions. explained as “miserable” by David Neal, Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration.

Ember Solomon, head of the charity Refugee Council, said: “The situation at Manston is a reflection of the minister’s own disregard for official advice to take action to avoid widespread suffering on the ground. It was made by the hands of

The Home Office did not deny that Braverman had taken legal advice, but said: The deliberately ignored claim advice is completely unfounded. ”

The Home Office also said Britain’s asylum system was under “incredible pressure”, with record numbers of people arriving in the UK in small boats.

About 1,000 people crossed the English Channel on Saturday, bringing the total number of people who have crossed the English Channel into the UK so far this year to about 40,000, according to the Ministry of Defence.

A man threw “two or three” Molotov cocktails at the Immigration Center at the Port of Dover, where immigrants are being processed, on Sunday, according to Kent police.

“Two people were reported to have suffered minor injuries on the premises. A suspect was identified and quickly found at a nearby gas station and pronounced dead,” police said in an update Sunday night. It added in a statement that an investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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