Branding her “Guardian Angel” as a life coach after Sarah Jane Dan threatens her son’s health

Sarah Jane Dan Being open about receiving treatment after his son’s hospitalization, he branded her first life coach as her “guardian angel.”

In 2019, Sarah’s son Stanley, whom she shares with her husband Jonathan Smith, became ill and she had to take it. A short break from Hollyoaks at the time.

Sarah, 40, never disclosed information about Stanley’s illness, but described it as “the most emotionally exhausting and stressful week of my life.”

In the wake of this, the beloved mother did not have time to properly handle what had happened until the world stopped in early 2020 as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Actress Sarah Jayne Dunn took a photo with her husband Jonathan Smith and her son Stanley.

Since then, Sarah has been on the path of “self-discovery,” but it was Stanley’s illness that prompted the actress to consider treatment.

She explained understood!: “Because my little boy was poor, I started getting treatment just before the blockade began, so it all came from behind.

“Even so, when speaking frankly, I think it’s about setting boundaries, setting appropriate and healthy boundaries, and learning when it’s okay to say no.”

Sarah continued. “I think a lot of people over the last two years over the blockage have made a lot of self-discovery because we had time to stop. What are you happy with and what are you dissatisfied with? Can you change it? “

Two years after the tragic test, Sarah says her mental health is now “the best ever” and that life coach Jill Ritchie has helped her.

Sarah said her son’s hospitalization was “quite overwhelming.”

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“I never said’I’ve never been treated’, but that wasn’t really what I thought until my little boy became poor. It’s very overwhelming. It was a target, “she told us.

“I was working when he was in the hospital-it was a lot. As a mom, when that happens, I think you just have to keep going.

“It’s life and it’s scary, but you have to be a strong man and be okay for your child.”

“I was very aware of the lack of work when I needed to be there,” Sara added.

The actress became open about treatment

She continued: “When the pandemic began, it was the first time I stopped and went. I couldn’t handle what happened. [Stanley]Until very recently.

“One of the life coaches I was using, she was called Jill Richie, who contacted me on social media when Stanley was poor and was a kind of guardian angel.

“She contacted me when I needed and said the right thing. Since then we have been in touch and made friends. She was very kind.”

The mother went on to talk to Jill, saying, “I found a lot of things I didn’t realize I was feeling,” and how I’ve been talking openly ever since. She wants counseling Similarly; especially in the wake of Her shock came from Hollyoaks.

With her exit Only Fans controversy In Channel 4 soap, Sarah has starred as Mandy Richardson for over 20 years.

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Branding her "Guardian Angel" as a life coach after Sarah Jane Dan threatens her son's health

Source link Branding her "Guardian Angel" as a life coach after Sarah Jane Dan threatens her son's health

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