Bradley Walsh’s son Bernie “confirms love” with former Miss World

Bradley WalshSon Bernie is said to have something to do with the former Miss World winner.

Actor Barney Walsh, 24, who appears with his father on the travel show Breaking Dad, reports that he is dating 25-year-old Puerto Rican model and Miss World 2016 winner Stephanie Delvaldisias. Has been done.

Bernie is believed to have met Steph when he was hosting a beauty pageant a few years ago, and since then the couple have shared their photos while traveling.

Sources said Sun: “The couple started out as a companion.

“They are very much loved now and recently enjoyed their winter vacation in Portugal.

Bernie and Stephanie have recently been on vacation together in Portugal

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“They are doing really well and they both know they are young in their careers, so give each other space to pursue their dreams.

“This year will be a big year for them.”

Earlier this month, Stephanie posted a nice photo with Bernie in Port Guar.

The model captioned the photo: “Happy Three Kings Day with a beautiful sunset in Portugal, or, as in Spanish,” Happy Trick Day “#travelwithsteph.”

Stephanie also shared a photo of Bernie with her in Paris
Stephanie also shared a photo of Bernie with her in Paris

Standing in front of the yellow and pink sunset, the couple in the photo beam while the fans congratulate them with sweet snaps.

One person uses a red heart emoji to write, “I’m very happy to meet you together.”

Another person joked: “HI MOMAND DAD”.

It seems that the couple also went to Paris together in 2020 as Steph shared a photo of the two under the Eiffel Tower last year, celebrating a year since the photo was taken.

Bradley and Barney Walsh appear together on ITV's travel show Breaking Dad
Bradley and Barney Walsh appear together on ITV’s travel show Breaking Dad

She captioned the photo. “Stephanie in Paris. Today a year ago! # Paris # travelwithsteph”.

Bradley Walsh, 61, and his son Bernie will be performing in the fourth season of the show Breaking Dad, which begins on January 17th at ITV.

The father and son duo will return to the iconic RV and embark on a 3,000-mile journey through Europe to Croatia, Denmark, Poland, Sweden and Norway.

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Bradley Walsh's son Bernie "confirms love" with former Miss World

Source link Bradley Walsh's son Bernie "confirms love" with former Miss World

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