Bradley Walsh, 61, was warned to change his lifestyle to avoid “silent killer”

Bradley Walsh His doctor has changed his lifestyle and warned him to be healthy after discovering that he is now at risk of heart problems.

Following his doctor’s health concerns, Tracking Presenters have since stopped drinking and fatty foods.

Turning 60 last year was a very “milestone” for Bradley. Because his father died of heart disease at the age of 59.

“I kept in mind that I had to be older than my dad, so turning 60 was a bit of a milestone,” he said, talking about turning 60 at the time.

Bradley Walsh was told he was at risk of heart disease

“I was a time bomb. I have too much cholesterol. It’s a silent killer. The guy in my heart said,” Look, Brad, you need to be healthy, “he continued. Sun on Sunday.

Bradley was 33 years old when his father died and explained that his condition was hereditary.

He states: “I was 33 when he died. I had just performed a royal variety show that helped me start my career, but my dad died of heart failure two weeks later and I can’t see it. was.

“Once you know it’s hereditary, you start getting regular tests. Of course, that’s a concern.”

Bradley is well known for the announcement of the game show “Chase.”

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With the advice of a doctor, Bradley revealed that he was able to drop an impressive 1.5 stones last Christmas.

While performing at Jonathan Ross’ Christmas show, former Colly Star said:

“I’ve completed 5K. I thought I’d keep going. I thought I’d probably done it four times-look at the watch and it was about 8K.”

Bradley continued. “I lost a little, wear a little. I’m still profitable. There were about 3 stones, from my heaviest to the lightest. I used stones. So I Still has two stones in the bank. “

Bradley recently appeared on the TV show The Larkins

Not only concerns about his heart Bradley is also suffering BlepharitisA medical condition that causes the eyes to swell red.

He revealed this morning in the summer: I have to take 1 tablet daily for it, otherwise I really have a hard time. “

“Many times people have commented on my appearance, but they are unaware, but it’s okay to take the medicine,” Bradley added.

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Bradley Walsh, 61, was warned to change his lifestyle to avoid "silent killer"

Source link Bradley Walsh, 61, was warned to change his lifestyle to avoid "silent killer"

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