Boston: A cat was found with a bowl on its head and named ‘Buzz Lightyear’

To the toilet…and beyond! (Photo: ARL/SWNS)

Kitten rescued with its head stuck in a glass bowl is nicknamed buzz lightyear.

A 6-month-old cat was found running around her neighborhood in Boston, USA.

Rescuers were able to free the animals from obstacles like helmets, but only after luring the hapless kittens with treats.

The Animal Rescue League teamed up with Fall River Animal Control to rescue a kitten.

“The 6-month-old kitten, now named Buzz Lightyear, was discovered along 200 blocks of Danforth Street by a nearby resident who was guarding and feeding cats in the area, and subsequently died in a fall. • Contacted River Animal Control.

“Once we arrived, the kitten was seen wandering the driveway, and it took us a while, but we eventually used a drop trap to capture Buzz.

“She had the bottle on her head so she couldn’t smell it, but the agent used the food to lure the two Baz brothers into a trap and chased them out of curiosity.”

Concerned Boston locals alert animal services teams (Photo: ARL/SWNS)

A 6-month-old baby was found wandering the area with her head stuck to a glass bowl (Credit: ARL/SWNS)

Rescuers have confirmed that Buzz is in good health despite his bowl-related ordeal and is now available for adoption.

They said, “The kitten was a little dirty from living on the streets, but ARL’s Shelter Medical determined that she was in good health and provided the kitten with vaccines and sterilization.”

Buzz Lightyear wasn’t the only cat in the news this week.Downing Street in England Larry the cat was filmed chasing a fox out of his territory.

The cat had to be lured with a treat to break free from the helmet (Photo: ARL/SWNS)

Buzz Lightyear ready for adoption (Photo: ARL/SWNS)

Despite being half the size, the cat quickly went into stalker mode when the fox dared approach the Prime Minister’s Office.

The two opponents faced off after the intruders unsuccessfully tried to get around some bushes.

Taking no prisoners, Larry chased the fox down the road so he could not see it, but it returned after hiding behind a lamppost.

Larry’s intimidating glare was enough to deter the foxes from trying their luck.

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