Boris Johnson’s baby Romy had “terrible” Covid, but sources say it’s “under treatment.”

Boris Johnson’s daughter Romy, who was “quite badly” beaten by Covid-19, is now reported to be “repairing.”

Last week, Downing Street announced that a member of the 57-year-old Prime Minister’s family had tested positive for the virus, but did not identify who it was.

PM to share Great home with expensive refurbished wife CarrieAfter revealing that Downing Street was in close contact with relatives infected with the coronavirus, he withdrew from his visit to Lancashire.

At the time, a No. 10 spokesman said, “We will follow the guidance on close contact with vaccinations, including daily tests and restrictions on contact with others.”

Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie’s baby had Covid, it was reported

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Now the sources said Daily mail Boris and his wife Carrie’s daughter Romy were suffering “quite terrible” at the time, but things look positive because she is “under treatment.”

understood!online We are seeking further comments from Boris representatives.

Boris and his wife We welcomed our second child together in mid-December Last year, they announced that they named her Romy Iris Charlotte Johnson.

Boris and Carrie had their second child in December 2021

Carrie, 33, who shared the first photo of her newborn on social media at the time, paid tribute to the two families and explained the bitter reason behind the name.

The name Romy comes from Carrie’s aunt Rosemary. Charlotte, the newborn’s middle name, was chosen in honor of Boris’s late mother, who died last year.

Carrie gave a new name description to the sweet image of her son Wilfred looking down at his sister.

Boris Johnson and Carrie announce the name of their daughter Romy
Carrie shared the reason behind Baby Romy’s name

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“Welcome to Romy, the world’s beloved. I was born at 9:02 am on 09.12.21,” she began.

“Romy after my aunt Rosemary,” continued the two mothers. “Greek iris, meaning rainbow.

“Charlotte after Boris’s late mother, who we miss very much.

“Wilf is stroking Romy’s hair, kissing big, and playing in a matchbox car right next to the crib, just in case she wants to get in too.

Boris and Carrie got married in 2020

“Thanks to UCLH’s wonderful maternity staff for taking care of us. We are very grateful,” Carrie added.

In 2020, Boris and Carrie tied a knot at an intimate ceremony just months after having their first child, Wilfred, in April.

The couple chose to cover Carrie’s pregnancy with Romy as much as possible because conservationists suffered a miscarriage a few months ago.

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Boris Johnson's baby Romy had "terrible" Covid, but sources say it's "under treatment."

Source link Boris Johnson's baby Romy had "terrible" Covid, but sources say it's "under treatment."

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