Boris Johnson turns to northern parliamentarians for New Year’s remodeling

Boris Johnson is lining up a group of young, northern Conservatives to complete his government reset next year with a cabinet reshuffle and maintain a potentially rebellious backbencher.

The British Prime Minister’s ally wants to shake the top team with the sudden departure of two senior aides, Dominic Cummings and Lee Kane, this month and the appointment of Dan Rosenfield as the new 10th Chief of Staff. It states.

His focus is on changing seniors at the top of the government and promoting loyal talent in the ranks of lower ministers.

“Boris isn’t thinking about bringing back many people in Cameroon like Jeremy Hunt,” said a respectable government official, referring to a minister who served under Tory’s former Prime Minister David Cameron. I said. “But he sees some senior ministers not pulling their weight, and he needs to raise his own ally.”

Members representing non-traditional conservative seats in the North and Central regions are advised for promotion, as are members elected in 2015 and 2017. The rising stars, who have proved their abilities in the House of Commons and the media, are in a higher position, including Finance Minister Chemi Badenock, Foreign Minister James Cleverly, and Health Minister Edward Argar.

Chief Whip’s Mark Spencer has been talking to backbench MPs on behalf of the Prime Minister for the past two weeks. Downing Street has also deployed enthusiastic MPs to defend the government in the media on tricky topics, such as the Home Secretary’s report of bullying to Priti Patel.

Johnson is also aiming for a new parliamentary secretary to improve relations with the party. The allies said two lawmakers could run for the role from the 2019 ingestion: Claire Coutinho, an aide to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, and Laura working with Secretary of Transportation Grant Shapps. ·trot.

Number 10 is also expected to use mods to show the price of the rebellion. One insider said: “The whipping operation found a stiff rod. It’s very clear that voting against the government means two years in the wilderness. If you want to boost your intake in 2019, it’s You can’t rebel because of. “

Others sought for a new role include Jake Berry, who heads a new Northern Research Group at Backbench MP to drive increased investment in the north, which is being considered as party chair, according to one Tory insider. Is done. “They need a strong north voice to talk to the red wall, and Jake is perfect,” said the insider.

Another senior who is expected to return is Sajid Javid, who resigned from power after dropping out with Cummings earlier this year. In recent weeks, Johnson has had a one-on-one conversation with the former Prime Minister about his return to government.

Some believe that Javid could be appointed to the Foreign Ministry to replace Dominic Raab, but former Prime Minister’s ally said he was open to the exact role. “Saj is ready to return, but it must be a substantial portfolio,” said one individual.

In Westminster, there is widespread speculation that Mr. Raab may leave the Foreign Ministry and replace Michael Gove as Minister of State for the Cabinet Office.

Johnson’s close friend said it was “again certain” that Gove would move to another cabinet position. “Boris hasn’t trusted Michael yet, and he’s worried about the power base he’s built in the Cabinet Office,” Whitehall officials denied Mr Gove was at a disadvantage. “He’s completely focused on his work … He has a lot to do.”

Some MPs believe that Gove can be transferred to the Ministry of Health to replace Matt Hancock. Anne-Marie Trevelian has also been told to return to the cabinet after she left when the Department for International Development was abolished earlier this year.

The prime minister has not definitively decided when the remodeling will take place. “We’re not close to that,” said one number 10 insider in a proposal that could take place early in the new year. Other Tories believe that if the party’s performance is poor, it is likely to take place after the local elections in May.

Boris Johnson turns to northern parliamentarians for New Year’s remodeling

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