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Boris Johnson says he feels guilty about his journalism | Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson told a group of school children on Tuesday that he had stopped journalism because of politics because he felt guilty about “abusing and attacking people.”

“I’ve been a journalist for a long time, I’m still really, I’m still writing something,” he told students at the Sedge Hill Academy in southeast London. “But when you’re a journalist, it’s a great job, a great profession, but the problem is that you always find yourself abusing or attacking people. . “

He continued. “You don’t want to abuse or attack them, but you’re critical … you sometimes feel a little guilty about it because you don’t put yourself in place of the one you’re criticizing. You may feel, and that’s why I decided to try it. “

Allegra Stratton, the prime minister’s secretary for reporters, said Johnson referred to the reporter’s job of seeking clarification from the government. Something that makes us all in government better. “

But others may reflect on Johnson’s record of derogatory writing about non-politician groups, not necessarily “putting himself in place of the one you criticize.”

In The Daily Telegraph’s 2018 column, He wrote it Women in burqas chose to “walk around like a letterbox” or “bank robbery.” In a 2002 column in the same newspaper, he described blacks as “picanini” and called “watermelon smiles”. He later apologized However, the claim was out of context. In the 1998 column, again about Telegraph He used the phrase “Tank Top Bamboo” representing a gay man.

When he became Foreign Minister, he finally gave up the column, Johnson was paid £ 275,000 a year, A word about £ 4.80.

He was a columnist for The Daily Telegraph, a Brussels reporter for the same newspaper, and an editor for Spectator magazine. As a reporter, he was renowned for submitting exaggerated, colorful stories and was famously fired from his first job at the Times after creating a quote and returning it to his godfather. It was.

The prime minister is said to have been embarrassed when faced with negative press since he changed jobs.Columnist and former newspaper editor Sir Max Hastings Written in 2019: “There is a handwritten note from the candidate for the next prime minister, threatening to continue to criticize him with disastrous consequences for printed matter.”

Boris Johnson says he feels guilty about his journalism | Boris Johnson

SourceBoris Johnson says he feels guilty about his journalism | Boris Johnson

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