Boris Johnson plans to end Plan B’s Covid limit to fight to continue working

Boris Johnson Reportedly Next means coronavirus Restrictions in England in the next review where he is working to preserve the Premiership in the face of further allegations of the parties in Downing Street during a pandemic.

Decisions on measures such as the Covid Pass and telecommuting guidance are scheduled for January 26, at which point a report on allegations of the No. 10 blockade breach will be published.

The mask rules may still remain, but the restrictions are expected to be lifted and the announcement may be made within a few days. The Daily Telegraph..

“Frankly, there seems to be no other expectations at this point,” a source told the paper about the end of the January 26 limit.

Health Minister Sajid Javid has already decided that the Covid Pass is no longer needed as the case has fallen from a record peak.

Sources said Times: “Policies always have very high thresholds, and it is likely that they will not be reached within a few weeks.”

The Prime Minister is working to continue his work in the face of pressure to violate the blockade rules in Downing Street.

He is said to be making a list of officials who will resign from the party gate scandal to protect him.

Sources said Independent His plan – Named “OperationSaveBigDog” – It also includes drawing attention to his achievements.

The Daily Telegraph Johnson reports that the party’s coalition, which is at the heart of his 2019 conservative leadership and campaign to win the general election, has been adopted to strengthen support among Tory lawmakers.

Two sources also report that the Prime Minister spoke to the Mayor of London and Sir Lynton Crosby, a political strategist who helped to acquire Tory leaders, this week.

The announcement of the end of the blockade restrictions could distract Westminster’s political parties from the publication of Sugley’s report during several blockades.

Ministers are positively talking about the UK pandemic situation as signs of relief from Omicron’s surge have begun to appear.

The UK reported 99,652 new cases on Friday, a decrease of nearly 80,000 a week ago. “There are already early signs that hospitalization rates are starting to decline,” Javid said.

The Welsh government has already announced plans to lift most restrictions over a two-week period as the number of incidents diminishes.

And Northern Ireland’s first minister, Paul Givan, expressed his hope that he would be able to announce a deregulation of the coronavirus next week.

He said the latest modeling information about the virus is “very promising”.

Boris Johnson plans to end Plan B’s Covid limit to fight to continue working

Source link Boris Johnson plans to end Plan B’s Covid limit to fight to continue working

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