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Boris Johnson News: PM Target for “Bullying” Song at Christmas’s No. 1 Race | UK | News

This track by punk band The K ** ts has the lyrics “Boris Johnson is af *** ingc ** t” repeated many times. Despite the fact that the track is too blatant to play on daytime radio, it has become noticeable after securing chart spots in the last few days.

Yesterday, when the song was on the 19th, Radio 1 presenters Vic Hope and Kate Sisleton said that the song about Mr. Johnson “contains so many bad words that Daytime Radio 1 I can’t play it. “

Many observers use social media to blow up a track called “targeted bullying.”

Someone said. “This isn’t good. I don’t agree with Boris’s pandemic response … but I’m not feeling good about this. It’s just a straight bullying.”

Another wrote: “What a disgusting song. Don’t advertise.”

Others dismissed the truck as “childish” and “a little negative message.”

Music magazine NME argues that the track’s recent popularity may be the result of Johnson’s decision to revoke the planned relaxation of coronavirus restrictions for Christmas.

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A single edit of a track takes just 56 seconds and is still available on the iTunes store or Amazon.

On streaming services, this track is currently at the top of Spotify UK’s United Kingdom Viral 50 chart.

To potentially appeal to daytime listeners, K ** ts has published a “safe working” version of the song that replaces the phrase “f *** ing c ***” with “sausage roll”. ..

The band said on Twitter: “I had to find two pieces with the same number of characters and found that the” sausage roll “fits perfectly. “

Meanwhile, the band’s lead singer (simply known as “K ** t”) told Facebook followers, “Congratulations to everyone who helped.”

Bookmakers have set the probability that a truck will be the number one spot for Christmas on Friday 25th at 8/1.

The usual candidates for this spot usually include traditional ballads such as Mariah Carey’s “Only You Want for Christmas” and The Pogues’ “New York Fairytale”.

But this isn’t the first time an unorthodox song has been pushed to the top of the UK charts at Christmas.

In 2009, rock band Rage Against the Machine surpassed the UK Christmas charts with the hit single “Killing in the Name,” released nearly 20 years ago.

Boris Johnson News: PM Target for “Bullying” Song at Christmas’s No. 1 Race | UK | News

SourceBoris Johnson News: PM Target for “Bullying” Song at Christmas’s No. 1 Race | UK | News

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