Boris Johnson is under pressure to make Britain safer for women.crime

Boris Johnson has been under coordinated pressure to tackle male violence and misogyny and take action to make Britain safer for women. The discovery of the body of a human looking for Sarah Evalard exploded her anger.

A survey of the disappearance of a 33-year-old marketing executive was impressed by the annual International Women’s Day debate at the House of Commons after telling a moving and angry story about the harassment of dozens of female lawmakers. ..

They also demanded stricter action from the government when police, crime, judgment and court bills returned to the House of Representatives next week.

Labor lawmaker Jess Phillips has read the names of 118 women killed by men since last year’s debate.

The government has not yet announced a long-promised strategy for tackling violence against women and girls. A spokesman for the prime minister said Thursday that the minister hopes to do so by the end of the year.

Home Secretary Priti Patel responded to many women who shared their personal experiences in the wake of Evalard’s disappearance, saying she may have something to do with their story.

The Minister of Interior said: All women should be able to walk safely in our city without fear of harassment or violence. “

Labor leader Keir Starmer spoke at a campaign event, highlighting the scale of the problem and urging men to act abusively.

“The first thing we really need to do to tackle this is to recognize the magnitude of violence against women and girls, and everyone knows how widespread it is. I don’t know if I admit it, “he said.

“We all need to tackle this fundamentally. We all need to be aware of the problem and take action,” Starmer added. “I think men have a special problem. It’s very important for men to say something about this.”

A recent survey by UN Women UK 97% of women aged 18-24 were sexually harassed, 80% of women of all ages say they have experienced sexual harassment in public.

The government will face cross-party pressure to use crime and judgment bills to take stricter actions against crimes against women as widespread law returns to the House of Representatives next week.

understands that Labor Harriet Harman urges the government to enshrine the victim’s right not to cross-examine previous sexual history in court.

The government was also challenged by the Liberal Democratic Party Wendy Chamberlain to make misogyny a hate crime as part of a domestic violence bill.

With cross-party amendments supported by a range of charities, including the Faucet Society and the Jo Cox Foundation, all police in England and Wales have committed misogyny crimes as a hate crime campaign initiated by Labor Stella Creasy. Will be recorded. The amendment will be voted on at the House of Lords next Monday.

“The challenge to the government-passing the domestic violence bill-it was offshore for four years.. Legislation to make misogyny a hate crime. Make sure that the people who hold the position of trust are the ones we really trust, “Chamberen said.

In a debate, Phillips said it was disgusting that the government had not yet collected detailed data on the number of women killed each year and the status of their deaths.

“At this place, we count what we care about, count the vaccines that have been given, count the number of people who are benefiting, dominate or oppose based on the number, and relentlessly track that data. “She said. “But we don’t currently count dead women … dead women are just what we all have just accepted as part of our daily lives. Dead women are just one of them. Killed women are not uncommon without disappearing – killed women are common. “

Phillips, who has a tradition of reading names in the annual IWD debate, said she was grateful for the work of Karen Ingala Smith and the Counting Dead Woman Project, who edited the list.

Herman, the mother of the house as the longest female councilor, criticized the words of Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick, who acknowledged the fear many women felt, but said that kidnapping of women on the streets was rare. ..

Former Tory Minister Maria Miller said the disappearance of Evalard “sent a shock wave throughout Britain” as many women were able to relate her last move to their own routine. It was.

“For many women, this news story is about being sexually harassed on the way home from meeting a friend, being anonymously threatened with physical violence on social media, and being sexually assaulted. , Recalling memories of the threatening situation they faced. Clear visibility during rush hours and public transportation on the way to work, “she said.

Former Conservative Prime Minister Andrea Leadsom said emotional strength deserves trans-party action. “Women who go home in the dark are angry and saddened by having to scare those walking behind. It’s safe from harm if too many women go home safely. That’s not always the case, so let all colleagues in the house know that party politics does not interfere with the protection of women and girls. “

Labor Party Rosie Duffield, who spoke about the experience of domestic violence last year, said that “collective anger has spilled over the last 24 hours” and compared anger to Black Lives Matter’s protests.

“Sarah Evalard has rekindled the fire in us, as George Floyd did. Don’t be afraid. We have to take a closer look at society, social media, misogyny, and ourselves. No, and let’s hope that next year’s list is virtually non-existent, “she said.

Marsha de Cordova MP, Shadow Woman and Equality Secretary, Women’s Equality Minister Liz Truss criticized her for not participating in the debate and left Maria Caulfield with the government’s response.

De Cordoba described the debate as “the first time the minister has taken the time to talk specifically about women since the pandemic began,” and said the truss’s absence was “unacceptable.”

A spokesman for the Government Equalities Office said Truss had promised an immovable diary, but made a significant contribution to Colefield’s speech.

Boris Johnson is under pressure to make Britain safer for women.crime

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