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Boris Johnson Flat: Public’I’m Not Interested in Wallpapers and Sofas’-Prime Minister Therese Coffey Dismisses Line | Political News

Ministers dismissed ongoing questions about how the prime minister’s flat refurbishment was funded by declaring that the public was not interested in “some wallpapers and sofas.”

Labor Pension Secretary Therese Coffey downplayed the impact of many of the allegations he faced. Boris Johnson, This came in part as a result of ongoing feuds with his former chief adviser Dominic Cummings..

“I truly believe that people are interested in everyday life and more in the actions we are taking to return to the’new normal’after COVID,” she said. Told to.

Further questions were asked about the renovation of Johnson’s private flat above 11 Downing Street, as the Conservative Party did not deny reports that the Conservative Party headquarters (CCHQ) had paid the Cabinet Office the initial cost of the construction. Has been done.

After the leaked email showed that Tory donor Sir Brownlow claimed to have paid £ 58,000 to “cover the payments” he had already made to the Conservatives.

Johnson is said to be currently paying back to the Conservatives, and Coffey told Sky News: “The correct declaration was made and the Prime Minister paid personally.”

No. 10 said details about the renovation of the Prime Minister’s Office would be included in this year’s Cabinet Office annual report.

However, Ms. Coffey suggested that the public was not interested in when and how Johnson’s refurbishment costs would be paid, despite continued lack of clarity.

“I think a lot of people are trying to get over the virus and get people back to work, but I don’t think the vast majority of people in the UK are interested in wallpapers and sofas. “She added.

But Labor’s shadow health secretary, Jonathan Ashworth, told Sky News that the fight over Johnson’s flat refurbishment was “important.”

The Prime Minister and his fiancé Carrie Symonds are said to have pursued an overhaul of the apartment to replace what was called Theresa May’s “John Lewis Furniture Nightmare.” ..

“We know him [Mr Johnson] I didn’t think John Lewis’s furniture was good enough, so I wanted to upgrade my apartment, “Ashworth told Sky News.

“I think John Lewis’s furniture is actually pretty good. It’s pretty upscale.”

Dominic Cummings could be a “well-planned cyberattack in human form,” the Prime Minister warned

He added: “Yesterday he said he paid for it. Overnight, there were reports that Tory headquarters paid for it.

“I know they were asking a businessman to fund me. Is he borrowing a loan from someone, is he paying them back, is he paying back with interest, and You need to know who is watching over you.

“Someone has funded his sofa, bedding, and bed to sleep at night, so we need to know if he is interested in government policy and if he is interested in winning a government contract. there is.

“The reason I have so many questions this morning … Boris Johnson hasn’t provided a complete and candid explanation yet.

“And we deserve transparency, because when you are the most powerful politician in the country, we need to know who you are watching over.”

The claims about Downing Street Flat are in the midst of a series of claims that Johnson must face, along with a line of Westminster Greensill lobbying.

Former Conservative leader William The Hague warned the government, “It’s a mistake to dismiss Threes’ latest allegations as a matter of moment.”

He was armed with recordings, screen grabs, email chains, and other partial but revealing evidence when Cummings appeared at the House of Commons Commission hearing next month. I warned.

“Someone who might have been a dangerous witness would instead be a well-planned cyberattack in human form,” Sir Hague wrote in The Times.

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Asked about Sir Hague’s comments, Coffey told Sky News that many people “come to their opinion” about Cummings, following a line of blockade trips to the northeast last year.

Meanwhile, Conservative senior lawmaker Tom Tagendat told Sky News that “honesty is important in politics” and that Mr Johnson’s claim is “serious.”

But he added: “We must not overlook the fact that this is, in many respects, an internal conflict between the two.

“I strongly hope that the accusations are over and we can return to what we have to do: recover after the hardest years for many.”

Boris Johnson Flat: Public’I’m Not Interested in Wallpapers and Sofas’-Prime Minister Therese Coffey Dismisses Line | Political News

SourceBoris Johnson Flat: Public’I’m Not Interested in Wallpapers and Sofas’-Prime Minister Therese Coffey Dismisses Line | Political News

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