Boris Johnson announces security agreement between US and Australia at 10 pm

Boris Johnson will jointly announce a security agreement between US President Biden and Australian Prime Minister Morrison at 10 pm.

It is understood that the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia will announce groundbreaking new security agreements to share advanced technologies.


Boris Johnson will make a hilarious national security announcement tonight with Joe Biden and Australian Prime Minister Scott MorrisonCredit: PA

The three countries will form a group to enable more efficient sharing of defense information with thin-covered bids to counter China.

A spokesman for Downing Street said:

Biden will welcome Australian, Indian and Japanese leaders at the White House next week.

Last year, the government was in talks with an alliance of Western espionage agencies to urgently “revive” intelligence agencies to fight China’s growing power.

Five Eyes countries (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, US) are in “enthusiastic debate” to revive the “Critical 5” branch to counter Beijing’s hanging on critical infrastructure They said.

Critical 5 was established in 2012 among the Five Eyes Alliance countries to protect communications, energy, health care, public health, water and transportation systems.

But with China’s growing influence on the world economy and infrastructure, the alliance wants to revive China.

Last May, the Five Eyes Alliance created a bomb spy document. China lied to the world about the coronavirus By concealing the outbreak.

The United States has also formed alliances with countries to combat the expanding military expansion of China.

One group of countries known as quads consists of the United States, India, Australia, and Japan.

Its economic, technical and military cooperation aims to thwart Beijing’s plans.

Today’s announcement comes after Johnson has swung his ax in a brutal cabinet reshuffle, Dominic Raab has been demoted, and Secretary of Education Gavin Williamson has been fired.

Mr. Raab accepted a humiliating shunt from a foreigner to the Secretary of Justice after a brief meeting with the Prime Minister this afternoon.

The prime minister has overhauled the top team with a long-awaited shake-up ahead of the Conservative Party convention a few weeks later.

Boris Johnson announces security agreement between US and Australia at 10 pm

SourceBoris Johnson announces security agreement between US and Australia at 10 pm

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