Boomerang takes the pain out of meeting scheduling

If your business uses Gmail, G Suite, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, or Outlook for email, you may have already come across Bumeranga tool that enhances your email with various features that can make you more productive.

What is Boomerang?

One of my favorite triptych useful productivity solutionsBoomerang already allows you to automate email sending times, schedule reminders, alert you if an email request has not been answered, and schedule meetings.

The developers have now extended the second tool with a useful addition to relieve the pain of setting up a meeting with multiple people.

What does the new tool help you to achieve?

Everyone has a different schedule. Typically, when trying to set up a meeting, one person will contact everyone who needs it, usually by email, and then they will take part in a long call and answer game with all the participants wanting the -identify the best time for the meeting.

As more meetings are organized, this becomes time – consuming, full of frustration, sucking time and focus from everyone ‘s day as they have to respond to the scheduled emails.

Who is entitled to forget often mentioned University of California Studies arguing that it takes more than 20 minutes to refocus after a break? Or that people wear more than a third of their office (or hybrid) office hours by email? In these contexts, it makes sense to remove the tear, automate intrusion, and make email more efficient.

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Boomerang takes the pain out of meeting scheduling

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