Bob Hawke’s widow Blanche D’Alpujee says the crown is “vulgar and inaccurate”

Exclusive: Bob Hawke’s widow Blanche D’Alpu reveals why he’s never seen The Crown in the “vulgar and inaccurate” Netflix series starring Richard Roxburgh as a PM

Bob Hawke’s widow Blanche D’Alpuj reveals that she has never sat down and seen crownDespite the depiction of her controversial husband Netflix show.

On Wednesday, the 77-year-old briefly told the Daily Mail Australia about a series in which Australian actor Richard Roxburgh plays the former Prime Minister.

Blanche, who attended the Women’s of the Future Awards at the Sydney Opera House, said he had never seen the Crown himself, but knew that the portrayal was “very vulgar and inaccurate.”

Shunned: Bob Hawke’s widow, Blanche D’Alpuje (left), never sat down to see the crown, despite her husband being portrayed on a popular Netflix show. I admit. Painted with her Hawk in 2006

“I have never seen it,” she said. “I never have. I turn off the TV at 8 o’clock.

“I know it was vulgar. It’s very vulgar and very inaccurate.”

The fourth and sixth season of a colorful British royal drama focused on the 1980s and 1990s is a 1983 Australian tour by Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

The then popular Labor Prime Minister, played by Roxburgh, is portrayed as an avid Republican who despises the monarchy and wants the royal visit to inspire Australians to abandon it for the head of state of Australia. It has been.

Starring Role: In the fourth season of the Netflix series The Crown, Bob Hawke was played by Australian actor Richard Roxburgh (left).

In the episode “Terra Nullius,” Hawk’s character interviewed at ABC’s Four Corners before the Royal Tour, stating that Australia will never have “Pom” as head of state any longer.

“Even if the twin sets and pearls look good, you won’t leave the herd of prime beef cows to the pigs,” he tells the studio audience laughter.

However, during the interview about the republic, Mr. Hawk never used those words to describe the Queen and never spoke so negatively about the monarchy.

Opinion: Blanche talked about her husband’s portrayal at the Women of the Future Awards at the Sydney Opera House on Wednesday.Painted with designers Jenny Kee (left) and Kelly Ann Kenary (right)

Blanche is the second wife of Bob Hawke, Australia’s longest-serving Labor Prime Minister.

The pair got married in 1995 and stayed together at the age of 89 until their death in 2019.

Also on Wednesday, Blanche revealed that she had completed treatment after being diagnosed with breast cancer earlier last year.

“The treatment ended seven weeks ago,” she said.

After undergoing “breast reconstruction,” Blanche said she was still recovering and took time to allow her body to heal.

“I took a break from work this year. I couldn’t work last year because of illness. This year I took a break just to take care of my body,” the writer explained.

She also said she had to consult with a surgeon to “take a blood test every six months” to move forward.

“It’s great to be on the other side. It’s absolutely great to think that you’ll never get chemotherapy again,” she admitted.

“The treatment ended seven weeks ago,” said Blanche, her cancer treatment. I took a picture with my husband, Bob, who died at the opening in Sydney in January 2013.


Bob Hawke’s widow Blanche D’Alpujee says the crown is “vulgar and inaccurate”

Source link Bob Hawke’s widow Blanche D’Alpujee says the crown is “vulgar and inaccurate”

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