Blockade in Ireland lasts until at least April 5th

Members of Garda Siochana (Ireland Police) Patrol Street in Dublin city center during the blockade of Level 5 Covid-19 last month (Photo: PA)

Ireland remains completely blocked until at least April 5, and the first mutant identified in the UK has been accused of “changing the dynamics” of the disease.

Taoiseach Micheal Martin made a presentation tonight in a live speech to the country, stating that the country will maintain Level 5 measures.

He outlined the revised Living With Covid plan and stated that there was a gradual reopening of school and childcare and that some students would return to the classroom on March 1.

Junior and senior babies, as well as first and second classes in elementary school, will return to school first.

Students who have left the certificate will also return to the classroom next week.

The plan was previously approved by the Cabinet.

People on Henry Street in Dublin City Center in December (Credit: PA)

An additional 45 deaths from patients who tested positive for coronavirus in Ireland were announced today, and an additional 575 confirmed cases of the virus were announced.

Micheál Martin said Ireland “reduced the level of infection,” but said the situation was significantly different than it was a few months ago with the advent of British variants.

Taoiseach said the B117 variant currently accounts for 90% of new Irish infections.

“The truth is that it has changed the dynamics so much that we need to be very careful when taking the next step,” he said.

The prime minister said it was “very important” for people to stay vigilant.

“When we open things, we want them to stay open, so we can’t overemphasize the importance of continuing to comply with Level 5 restrictions,” he said. ..

Mihol Martin said that everyone working from home must continue to do so.

Garda Shiokana Checkpoint at Baggot Street Lower in Dublin, Level 5 Covid-19 Blockade on February 5 (Photo: PA)

“We want to reopen society as soon as possible and safely, so if we can maintain downward pressure on illness and keep our numbers low, we will move on to the next stage,” he says. I did.

In the next stage, outdoor gatherings, some sporting activities,
Gradual resumption of construction and movement with 5k limit
A non-essential journey.

Looking at the vaccination program, the Irish Prime Minister said more than 350,000 doses would be given and a “significant increase” would begin.
This includes small local practitioners and pharmacists, as well as community and regional vaccination centers.

“We have a vaccination program on an unprecedented scale in the history of the country,” said Mihor Martin.

“By the end of March, we will administer 1.25 million doses, and depending on the vaccine that arrives on time, we will administer an average of 1 million or more doses a month between April, May and June.”

He said he aims to give the first dose to 40% of people over the age of 18, 64% by the end of May, and up to 82% of adults by the end of June.

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Blockade in Ireland lasts until at least April 5th

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