Blancco Named Sustainability Innovator of the Year at Channel Partner Insight’s BPA US Innovation Awards –

Blancco’s industry channel publication recognizes significant role in empowering organizations worldwide to better tackle the circular economy

AUSTIN and LONDON – May 27, 2022 – Blancco Technology Group (LON: BLTG), the industry standard for data erasure and mobile lifecycle solutions, announced today that the company has been named Channel Insight Partner Sustainability Innovator of the Year at the US 202 BPA Innovation Awards. Awards celebrate dynamic companies operating as extraordinary examples of success in the American managed services market.

“We want to highlight those in our industry who are already at the forefront of high-speed, highly ambitious field,” said CPI Editor Nima Sherpa Green. “What we have seen over the past year has shown us that, more than ever, innovation is a real differentiator for progress. The entries were extremely competitive, and the winners did so by proving that they are truly inspiring the channel to move on to new opportunities and growth. On behalf of the entire Channel Partner Insight team, I would like to offer my sincere congratulations to all the winners of the 2022 US BPA Innovation Awards. ”

The UN has set a target to increase e – waste recycling to 30% by 2023 – a critical target given the presence of toxic substances such as mercury, BFR, and CFS in many electronics and pose a significant health risk. the person. Unfortunately, organizations around the world add to this problem, as many old devices are physically destroyed to prevent sensitive data from being retrieved and used for malicious purposes. Aligning sustainability objectives with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Blancco enables secure data destruction of assets, allowing organizations to reduce physical destruction of devices, maintain functional hardware in the circular economy, and reduce carbon emissions. minimize.

In a recent ESG Blancco report, the company stated that 54.5 million devices were safely sanitized using its software in FY21. This equates to a potential e – waste saving of 150 million pounds and a carbon saving of 12.4 billion pounds. To put these figures in context, the iPhone 12 Pro 512GB alone has carbon emissions of 242.5 pounds over its lifetime, with only 13% of emissions coming from use and the remaining footprint from manufacturing, packaging and transportation. All equipment sanitized by Blancco is safe for reuse or recycling with a certificate of destruction and a guarantee of compliance with global data security standards, enabling organizations to find alternatives to destruction and meet their ESG targets.

“Blancco has a greater impact on the world where sustainability puts pressure on people, people push buyers, and buyers push companies to reduce the impact of the technology industry on the planet,” said Christina Walker, Channel’s Global Director at Blancco. “The IT channel plays a major role in supporting customers’ efforts to build more sustainable businesses as a growing number of subcontractor channel partners account by asking for evidence of the work they are doing to reduce and reduce their carbon footprint and models use more sustainable data. and device lifecycle management. At Blancco, we are proud of how we help organizations achieve their ESG objectives and we are honored to have been named CPI Sustainability Innovator of the Year. ”

Blancco is one of the first recipients of the London Stock Exchange (LSE) Green Economy Mark, an accreditation awarded to companies listed on the LSE ‘s major markets and AIM markets that generate at least 50% of total annual revenue from products and services contributes to the lawn. Economy. Blancco was also recently named winner of the Sustainable Service category of the SEAL 2021 Business Sustainability Awards, an honor given to companies that showcase innovative services that set a new standard of sustainability.

To find out more about how Blancco is enabling companies to engage with the circular economy and support its employees and local communities while maintaining excellent governance practices, download the Environmental, Social and Governance Report (ESG) Blancco 2021 please. For more information on how companies can join the Blancco channel program, visit:

Blancco Named Sustainability Innovator of the Year at Channel Partner Insight’s BPA US Innovation Awards –

Source link Blancco Named Sustainability Innovator of the Year at Channel Partner Insight’s BPA US Innovation Awards –

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