Binky Felsted was “very proud” of his new mother, Louise Thompson, when he met his former MIC co-star baby.

Binky Felsted I talked about how “proud” she was Made in Chelsea Co-starring Louise Thompson After reuniting with my new mom, on Instagram.

The 31-year-old posted a retrospective photo of the two posing together. She chased her followers and introduced her first encounter with Louise’s boy Leo.

“I caught up with this incredibly strong mummy and met her beautiful boy yesterday … perfect !!” Binky wrote in the caption.

“I can’t get over how great you and Ryan were. I’m very proud of both of you-what a gorgeous family!

“I can’t wait for our baby to meet, and I can’t wait for all the exciting memories before xx.”

Binky Felsted shared a photo of Louise Thompson’s retrospective with her after the pair reunited on Monday.

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Fans were delighted to see the pair come back together when they showed excitement in the comments section.

“The friendships of the last few years have been great!” One believer wrote, but another added, “It’s great to have the support of good friends.”

Reality star encounters come later Louise admitted on Instagram last week that it was “not easy”, And discussed in detail following her PTSD battle Traumatic childbirth to son Leo in November..

Binky met for the first time when he reunited with Louise boy Leo

Binky welcomed a boy last year like a former Made in Chelsea co-star

Louise almost died of health complications during labor and had to stay in the hospital for further treatment and monitoring, leaving his fiancée. Ryan Libby Take care of your newborn son at home for 5 weeks.

Now, after spending a few weeks in the hospital, the 31-year-old informed her followers that she was still in the process of recovering and that the counterattack to health would not be “straight”. rice field.

The pair’s reunion will take place after Louise opens the PTSD experience

“Unfortunately, this week wasn’t as easy as last week, but I know it’s not as linear as any other’transformation’,” Louise writes.

“Instead, my path to recovery will take the form of jagged lines … like the changes in my fitness years ago.”

Louise and Binky have been close friends since leaving Made in Chelsea.

Former co-star Binky with his new mom Last year we welcomed her boy Wolfie, Her first child was shared with her husband Max Darnton, and the second was three, following her daughter India.

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Binky Felsted was "very proud" of his new mother, Louise Thompson, when he met his former MIC co-star baby.

Source link Binky Felsted was "very proud" of his new mother, Louise Thompson, when he met his former MIC co-star baby.

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