Binky Felsted talks about plans for baby number 3 and reveals that husband Max wants two more

Binky Felsted nowadays 2-5 months old Wolfie and 4 year old daughter Indian mom -She shares with ex-Joshua’JP’Patterson-and she says her husband Max Darnton was great with a new baby.

Only a few months after settling in a family of four, Binky shared with her new husband her plans for how many children she would like in the future.

Talk to all right!, Made in Chelsea’s original, 31 years old, said:

“I always had three girls, boys and girls in my head. I love the other one, but let’s see how we feel after the three!”

Binky gave birth to Wolfie in June. She said that being a mother again is very different than when she welcomed India.

Binky Felsted says being a mother has made her the happiest ever

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“That’s definitely not the case. There are two small personalities,” she continued. “Wolphy is a very smiling baby and he’s crazy about everything. As a baby, India was happy and cold, but Wolfie is crawling around and trying to grab it.”

Chelsea’s favorites revealed: “Old India knows what it wants.

“It’s great to see her personality come through. I’m glad she has such a strong personality.”

Binky Felsted says Max Darnton was a born father and she knew he would.

Binky then told us how to “not be jealous” between her two children with India, who have a strong “maternal instinct” about her.

“India loves him, he loves her, it’s so sweet,” the two mothers erupted.

“She is very kind. I think the girl has a mother’s instinct. There is no jealousy.

Binky chat is OK!About her new outfit collection with Berry

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“When I drop her to school, she will gather her friends around the pram and say,’Look at my brother,’ it’s so cute.”

Binky is open about both her pregnancy and her journey to motherhood, and she says it was the happiest time of her life.

“It’s very nice to see the baby grow up,” Star added. “I love that they are my priority, they have grown me a lot.

Binky Felsted says “no jealousy” between India and baby Wolfy

“Sometimes it’s overwhelming, but everything else is great.”

Binky explained his thoughts on the most difficult part of being a mother:

“You are no longer a priority, your children are a priority, so I think it’s important to take a little time for yourself, or you may be overwhelmed. . ”

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Binky Felsted talks about plans for baby number 3 and reveals that husband Max wants two more

Source link Binky Felsted talks about plans for baby number 3 and reveals that husband Max wants two more

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