Binge-watch your series with style

Last year we survived a pandemic watching our favourite shows, and whilst we already had experienced some occasional TV series fever before (remember GOT?), this year we are ready to bring binge watching to a whole new level.

Wi-Fi is essential, but subscriptions are the real game-changer

A weak Wi-Fi signal can test your patience while watching your favourite TV show. Loading times and lost connections are a real nightmare.

Wi-Fi is having trouble reaching all ends of your house? This is one of the most common reasons for weak internet signal. If this happens to be your problem, you can easily solve it with a range extender: you won’t have any dead zone in your house and you’ll be able to binge watch your series from your kitchen to your bedroom, your living or – why not – your bathroom!

Wi-Fi is important yet useless without a streaming service subscription. And why would you pick just one instead of all of them? Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney Plus are all offering a great selection of content, and you can choose to be billed monthly to have the flexibility to cancel and resubscribe.

Netflix will stream Friends until the end of 2021, for example, and it appears that old TV shows are good for your health, especially if you suffer from anxiety. But you can also be anxious to discover the new episodes of The Umbrella Academy, which will be streamed by the end of this year or early 2022.

Amazon Prime will disclose new episodes of The Boys anytime soon, and they’ll be anticipated by a web serie, Seven on 7, that should keep the hype up before the new episodes’ release.

Disney Plus will release Cruella, with Emma Stone and Emma Thompson, by the end of August 2021.

Which one of these should you choose? We bet it will be a hard choice.

We hadn’t mentioned any sport stream service yet, but what about organising a football watch party with your friends? Streaming services for sports events are another subscription that you should consider.

Get cozy

Don’t miss a second of your favourite show: be prepared for a long night of serious binge watching and anticipate your needs before hitting “play”.

With your tablet or mobile you can stream wherever you like but a comfy sofa is way better than an uncomfortable chair. Maybe a blanket will get you that extra cozyness: you can get one big and fluffy and share it with your best friend.

When it comes to food and drinks, you can really make the difference from an inexperienced binge-watcher to a professional one. Sweet and salty popcorn, mini hotdogs, homemade pizza…  Cooking something good just before getting comfy on your sofa will avoid hitting stop during the show. And for good beer lovers, a beer cooler in the same room as your screen will grant you a cinema experience right in your living room. You can find yours here.

Do you prefer sodas? They should be perfectly chilled and close to you too. Ever considered getting one of those drink coolers for your living room? Here are some solutions to pimp your house and make it way better than a cinema!

If you invite friends at home, make extra space so that everyone will feel comfortable and can see the screen well: no one wants to miss a winning goal or that plot twist!

Also, when welcoming friends for a binge watching night, spread food on tables around the room where the screen is, so that everyone will have something to eat close to them and avoid walking in front of the TV to get that last slice of pizza.

It’s time for some serious binge-watching

Now that you’ve set up everything to watch your favourite TV shows, silence your phone, put on your comfy pajamas and hit “play”.


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