Billy Fires calls on sister Sam Fires to help “pressure” home remodeling

Billy Faires And her husband Greg Shepherd I was eagerly waiting for the day when they could move to their dream home. The £ 1.4m mansion renovation began in February after a “slow start” with a building permit, and everything seems to be finally in shape.

Billy recently It was revealed to OK!That the project “turned the corner” And that is “everything is together”. The pace-up is a welcome change, but Billy admits he’s feeling “pressure” in tonight’s episode of Billy and Greg (Wednesday, October 20).

OK! In her exclusive teaser clip, two mothers reveal that she is “beginning to feel pressure” about the interior of the mansion.And – as a reward to the viewer – Billy’s sister Sam Fires Welcome back to the show to help.

Billy Fires admitted that she was under pressure for her new home

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Sam left the show after seven years of filmingOn Instagram, she explained, “Family needs to be away from everything.” However, she is back with her mother Sue to help Billy choose an interior.

“The construction of the house is going so fast that I’m starting to feel the pressure on the idea, how to decorate it and all the inner aspects of things,” Billy explains in a clip. “So mom and I decided to go on the royal road to get some ideas,” she adds.

The mother-daughter duo spent a little time praising some “rare” furniture that Billy labeled “really nice” before Sam appeared.

Sister Samfires and Mamasu joined Billy to help her make some decisions

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“I haven’t seen my sister for years, so I’m really excited to have a girly day,” Sam reveals. “Their opinions are so meaningful to me that it’s really good to incorporate them into every furniture and home choice.”

Sam sneaks straight deep and gives Billy a quiz about how the refurbishment is taking place and when she and her family will be able to move in.

“It’s happening so much. You can now walk upstairs completely,” says Billy, and before she, Greg, Nelly and Arthur could become their home, it “from a good six. It will be “8 months”, he adds.

Billy updated Sam on how the refurbishment project is progressing

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“But it will go really fast,” Sam points out. In response, Billy said: “It’s got there. It’s just a lot of decisions.”

Sam then provides her sister with some words of wisdom: “Do you know what it is in the interior-it’s endless. You can do a lot! Where does it stop? Is it? “

“Yes, there are a lot of details,” Billy agrees. Sue nods, “You have to start making some decisions.”

Billie & Greg: Family Diaries will start tonight (Wednesday, October 6th) at 9pm on ITV Be and ITV Hub.

Billy Fires calls on sister Sam Fires to help "pressure" home remodeling

Source link Billy Fires calls on sister Sam Fires to help "pressure" home remodeling

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