Biden wants to move US Covid. Here is his plan to do so

“We will continue to work to stop the spread of the virus, reduce its impact on those who become infected, and use new treatments to dramatically reduce the incidence of severe COVID-19 disease and mortality,” the plan said. “Because of our work, we are no longer going to dictate to COVID-19 how to live.”

The strategy, developed by White House and health officials over the past few weeks, is organized around the central goals of Covid protection and treatment; Preparing for new options; Protection from economic and educational disconnection; And leads the global vaccination effort.

The administration’s descriptions of how it intends to meet these goals are still largely at a high level, with the plan endorsing aspirations to “provide adequate treatment for Americans in need” and to “continue to deliver strong tests.”

At several points, he emphasizes that much of the strategy relies on allowing Congress more funding – a move that Republicans have indicated they are skeptical of.

But among Biden’s more specific plans is the creation of a so-called Test to Treat initiative that will allow people to get tested at Covid in a pharmacy and immediately schedule treatment on the spot if they test positive.

The administration has also committed to creating a new website to help Americans more easily find updated public health guidelines and Covid risk assessments for their place, and to provide schools and businesses with guidance and resources to avoid the need to shut down.

The strategy – dubbed by officials as an update to the response plan Biden unveiled on his first day in office – marks a major milestone for the president after the first year spent by the pandemic.

Following the deterioration of the Delta and Omicron waves, cases and hospitalizations have dropped dramatically in recent weeks – boosting the administration’s confidence that the nation is on the brink of calm, allowing some sense of normalcy to be restored.

“We have reached a new milestone in the fight against COVID-19, with severe cases falling to levels not seen since last July,” Biden said in a speech on Tuesday, one of his most optimistic remarks. Pandemic in months.

But the White House has also decided to avoid a repeat of last summer’s Fourth of July celebration, when the pandemic was declared over just to allow lethal growth to occur within a few weeks.

The administration has this time stressed that it will spend the next few months preparing for the next dangerous option, with a plan promised to expand data capabilities and supplies.

The plan proposes to strengthen surveillance and data collection and speed up the review of vaccines already authorized by the Food and Drug Administration, which have been modified for new options. He also announced that coronavirus tests, antiviral pills and masks will be added to the strategic national stock for the first time. The government is also trying to acquire child-sized masks and add them to the strategic national stockpile.

The Biden administration wants Congress to reinstate tax breaks for small and medium-sized businesses that provide paid sick leave and family leave for people with Covid-19. It also wants to support the efforts of schools and businesses to improve ventilation systems.

“We need to be ready to respond quickly to the new option and keep our schools and businesses open,” the plan said.

Several roadmap initiatives, such as changing mask guidelines and educating Americans about the use of vaccines, are reflected by health agencies.

Many of the goals of the plan, such as the initiative to produce 1 billion doses of Covid-19 a year in the U.S., require significant congressional funding, although the roadmap does not specify costs.

Biden wants to move US Covid. Here is his plan to do so

Source link Biden wants to move US Covid. Here is his plan to do so

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