Biden had 10 one-on-one press conferences in his first year

President Joe Biden Since taking office in January, only 10 one-on-one interviews have been conducted with former President Barack Obama. Donald Trump, Who did 113 and 50 respectively.

Biden’s last intimate interview was with George Stephanopoulos of ABC on August 18, discussing the ongoing turmoil of evacuating US troops from Afghanistan.

Democratic leaders are suffering from low approval rates in a crisis of a series of problems facing the country, from inadequate employment reports in September to mandatory vaccines and the recent slowdown in the United States. Said that one-on-one interviews can be dangerous for Supply chain..

“Joe Biden can sometimes miss a message, so putting him in an unscripted environment may not be the best way for Joe Biden to communicate,” said Democratic strategist Jamal Simmons. rice field Hill..

He often talks to reporters on the White House lawn, but President Joe Biden has less one-on-one interviews than Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

Biden’s final one-on-one interview was with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos in August.

Former President Barack Obama, filmed in June, conducted 113 intimate interviews during his first year as President in 2009.

Filmed with Republican leaders in 2018, Donald Trump completed 50 one-on-one interviews within his first year as president.

“If you are a regime trying to convey a very clear message, using the president at the moments of the script may be the best way to amplify those moments.”

Another strategist said fellow Democrats were dissatisfied with the lack of an interview with the president. That “means they aren’t using all the communication tools in their arsenal.”

Biden was a unique challenge for strategists and communication officials because he enjoyed speaking, but he is famous for his unscripted and blasphemy.

Some have seen the coronavirus pandemic limiting Biden’s chances of scheduling interviews.

But famous White House historian Martha Kumar said he seems to enjoy talking to reporters while Biden avoids one-on-one interviews.

She said the president frequently answers questions from reporters summoned to the Oval Office or South Lawn before his trip.

“He rarely interviewed and preferred to ask questions here and there instead,” Kumar said. “The president chooses a setting that is comfortable for them and that suits their goals and interests.”

Democratic strategist Jamal Simmons (left) said the White House is using Biden effectively by limiting his one-on-one interviews.White House historian Martha Kumar said he seems to enjoy talking to reporters while the president avoids intimate interviews.

Biden often answers questions in less formal situations.He’s talking to a reporter while he’s out in Los Angeles in 2019

Earlier this year, White House spokesman Jen Psaki admitted that part of their communication strategy was to ask Biden not to be involved in the question-screaming reports during the news conference.

“This is not what we recommend,” Psaki said. “In fact, we often say,” Don’t ask questions. ” “

Republicans took advantage of Biden’s lack of interviews with him, saying the president lacked stamina and mental energy to carry out his duties. Some have dubbed him “Sleepy Joe.”

“Unfortunately, your mental decline and oblivion have become more apparent in the last 18 months,” Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson said in a June letter to Biden signed by 13 other Republicans. wrote.

Biden is famous for unscripting and using blasphemous expressions when talking to reporters.

Democratic strategist Joel Payne said the optics that avoid one-on-one interviews around Biden may seem negative, but it’s a strategy that works primarily to focus on the president’s message. Stated.

“There is no doubt that the White House controls media access to President Biden, but the public still feels that they are regularly hearing from the president and his administration without a traditional reporter’s question and answer session. “Pain told Hill.

“Unless the public is happy with access to the president and political penalties have been evaluated, the White House has little incentive to change course.”

Biden had 10 one-on-one press conferences in his first year

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