Biden elects Ashish Jaha as the new Kovid-19 king

A graduate of Columbia University, Harvard Medical School, and Harvard University School of Public Health, JHA was appointed Dean of Brown in March 2020. He was elected a Fellow of the National Academy of Medicine in 2013.

Fear will bring to President Biden and to our nation what Brown has brought – and will bring back – an unparalleled commitment to improving public health equally, effectively, creatively, with a heart and a commitment to science, ”said Christina H., President of Brown University. Paxon said in a statement.

Two years after the pandemic began, Biden’s statement emphasized the “safe return to normal routine” through testing, treatment and vaccines, saying “our work in the fight against COVID is far from over.” Last month the CDC released the mask instructions and the White House revoked the mandate. And in an address last month – where most of those in attendance, including the president, There were masks – Biden stressed that Covid-19 “no longer needs control of our lives.”

Biden also praised Zient, who had no public health experience prior to joining the Biden administration and leading a vaccination campaign. Science was one of the Biden administration’s most recognizable pandemic response figures, hosting weekly, live press briefings with public health officials. Under his leadership, the United States launched massive vaccination and testing initiatives both domestically and internationally. But his tough approach to maintaining pandemic restrictions has sparked complaints from some business communities, including Airline industry.

“I urge Jeff Zint to lead my administration to respond to COVID-19 because there is no one better than Jeff,” Biden said. “Jeff has been working tirelessly for the last 14 months to fight COVID. He is a service man and expert manager. I miss his advice and I am grateful for his service. “

Biden elects Ashish Jaha as the new Kovid-19 king

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