Biden chooses FDA veteran Robert Califf to lead the agency

After joining the FDA, Caliph returned to cardiology and now works at the Duke University Institute, but in 2019 he was in a position to lead health policy with Google’s parent company, Alphabet.

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) Said he could oppose the vote, expressing concern about his relationship with the industry, while gaining support from many senators during the 2016 verification process. At the time, Caliph wrote a treatise with executives in the pharmaceutical industry and consulted with pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers.

“Rob Caliph will be a powerful, experienced and effective commissioner,” former FDA commissioner Mark McClellan told POLITICO.

The Washington Post first reported the move.

The next FDA Commissioner will oversee scientists reviewing vaccines, treatments and tests and will be responsible for shepherding the country towards the final end of the Covid-19 pandemic. The caliph also has to fight a workforce that has burned out of a huge workload, short-circuiting the regulatory process of government agencies to approve these interventions by some Trump administration officials before doing so. You have to fight from the attempt to get it.

This fall and winter, authorities are ready to make key decisions about Covid-19 vaccines for children and booster shots for adults, along with treatment of diseases such as Merck’s antiviral drug molnupiravir.

The FDA is also navigating a radical new e-cigarette policy, building a framework to regulate cannabidiol, and significantly expanding the monitoring of commercial products.

Woodcock, who joined the FDA in 1986, was rumored to be fighting over the work of a standing committee member. However, while she has many supporters in the Senate, a few Democrats, including Senator Joe Manchin (DW.Va.), Have been nominated for her role in handling the opioid crisis. I opposed it.

Lauren Gardner contributed to this report.

Biden chooses FDA veteran Robert Califf to lead the agency

Source link Biden chooses FDA veteran Robert Califf to lead the agency

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