Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna’s mother’s real housewife dies at age 93 after a stroke

American actress Lisa Rinna’s beloved mother, Royce Linner, has passed away.

A 93-year-old woman died early Monday morning, a few days after she suffered a stroke.

NS Real housewives The star of Beverly Hills confirmed the sad news on today’s social media with gorgeous black-and-white photos of young Royce on her wedding day.

The 58-year-old wrote in a moving compliment to her deceased mother, “There is a new angel in heaven.”

Lina’s daughter Amelia Gray Hamlin shares with her husband Harry Hamlin and has paid tribute to her grandmother in a series of photographs over the years.

Lisa Rinna’s mother dies at age 93 after stroke

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“The rest of my time is my guardian angel” has begun. “I love you very much. My Lolo … You were more than a grandma for me. You were my best friend. My strength. My rock. All of me.”

Both Amelia and Lina include 5:05 am in their captions, suggesting that Royce died at that time on Monday, November 15th.

Amelia added that Royce had reunited with her late husband, Frank Lina, who died in January 2016.

Lisa and her daughter Amelia have announced news that their beloved mother and grandmother died on Monday.

She writes: “And that way .. you’re back with Frank.

“I know they’re having a party for you, and you’re dancing through heaven. You never disappear.’I did it my way.’ Me too.'”

The sad news came after Lina shared last week that her mother had a stroke.

In a heartfelt post on Instagram, Lina writes:

Lisa shared the sad news that her mother had a stroke last week and asked people to “raise a glass” to celebrate Royce.

“Now let’s celebrate her and send her a lot of love during her transition.

“I was very struggling to share this very sad news with you, but I know what you want to know.”

Along with the message, Lina shared a video of Royce dancing around the kitchen in a black hoodie with a pink bow tie tied in front of her.

Since then, Lina has shared another video of her mother dancing in the kitchen calling her “my hero” and asking everyone to “give everyone a glass to Royce.”

Lisa sent a heartfelt compliment to her deceased mother

Later on Monday, Lina shared a quote to summarize her newly discovered grief. “Sadness takes as long as it takes … this is a process that may never really end, but it will always change.”

Lois has appeared on RHOBH several times with her daughter over the years and has quickly become a fan favorite for her nonsense attitude towards life.

This was a second stroke because Royce had a previous stroke in 2013, but was able to recover.

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Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna's mother's real housewife dies at age 93 after a stroke

Source link Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna's mother's real housewife dies at age 93 after a stroke

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