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ACCORDING TO THE WORLD UNIVERSITY RANKINGS, the U.K. is a popular study destination for students from all parts of the globe and is home to three of the world’s top 10 universities. The colleges, employers, and government agencies are globally recognized with your degree from the U.K. University. Their standards as experts on many academic subjects are highly respected. They are usually high in university rankings globally. The British system of higher education has a long history of innovative teaching methods and new facilities. In this article, we will mention the best colleges in the U.K. so; consider reading it till the end.  These are the universities that you should surely consider for higher studies in the U.K.


The University of Oxford, one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious universities, attracts 44 high schools and halls to top scholars and students. Entry requirements are high, and acceptance is competitive; on average, five applications are received for each position open. Honestly, sometimes students feel suffered from complex tasks given by the professor. Consider assistance from essay writing and make your studies a little less complicated.

As usual in the United Kingdom, the university offers several joint award programs, which combine two undergraduate courses. There are a total of 250 variations of undergraduate programs. Though no longer unique to Oxford, a combination of philosophy, politics, and business is an extremely prestigious degree course.

Bachelor and graduate students belong to the university and often live in the university building or the college. Social life is also rotating in the college and leisure activities – such as rushing, cultural gatherings, and societies. Bachelors are taught by tutors at their colleges almost entirely, whereas a centralized faculty mostly serve post-graduate students. Oxford was trained to include more than 30 world leaders, 27 British Premiers, 50 Nobel Prizes, and 120 Olympics. Some of his renowned graduates are Stephen Hawking, Hugh Grant, and Indira Gandhi.


Like Oxford, Cambridge University is essentially a college and one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious universities. London is just an hour away. More than 19,000 students and 9,000 employees live in the university. There are 31 schools, some from the 13th century, and over 100 universities.

Cambridge is especially well known for its mathematical excellence and has trained some of Britain’s most prominent scientists. There were 117 Nobel Prizes, and 11 Fields medals were awarded to mathematicians associated with the university.

Students are taught by seminars and supervisions – private lessons with at most a few other students. There is a heavy workload, but conditions are shorter than in many other universities in Great Britain. The libraries at Cambridge host large collections of medieval manuscripts, and collections of archaeological artifacts and zoological specimens are displayed at University museums.

The alumni include notable actors, senators, king’s players, athletes, and cultural personalities, including Charles Darwin as a scientist, David Attenborough as environmental broadcasters, Jane Goodall as conservator, and Olivia Colman actress.


Imperial College London is consistently rated as one of the best scientific, technological, engineering, medical and business universities globally. It was founded in 1907 through three colleges in London with 17,000 students and 8,000 employees. It is a very international student cohort consisting of over 125 nationalities.

Imperial produces influential government advisers and policymakers and top scientists, field medalists, and Nobel Prize winners. Many graduates continue to achieve major advances in the industry and the market, which blue-chip companies and start-ups are highly sought after. Imperial’s main campus is located near Kensington Palace and other campuses all over the capital, in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Among the prominent Imperial alumni are author H. G. Wells and Sir Liam Donaldson, head of the Queen’s doctorate.


The UCL was the first university in Britain to accept students regardless of class or race, or faith and the first to admit female students in the same way as male students by Jeremy Bentham, the “Spiritual Creator” of the University. It is one of the most selective universities in Britain, and some of the most employable graduates are supposed to deliver.

The main UCL campus is located in Bloomsbury’s central London district. In subjects studied in higher-level international baccalaureates, candidates typically hold all A grades at A level or equal to 6, 6, 6.


Of all U.K. universities, 70% of international students are the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).In law, economy, history, philosophy, and politics, the university has specific strengths. Today, 26% of all Nobel Economics prizes have been awarded to LSE alumni or affiliates. Economic theorists in the LSE, especially about solutions to economic problems in society, long disagreed with theorists in Cambridge.

The LSE’s campus is located in the Clare Market area of London, near the Royal Courts, Lincoln’s Inn, Royal College of Surgeons, and the British Museum. The campus is open to major public institutions. Many post-graduate courses have an acceptance rate of less than 7 percent, as in finance, management, and law.

The prestigious LSE lecture series includes public speeches by prominent cultural, political, and academic figures, including Nelson Mandela and George Soros. B.R. Ambedkar, the leading architect of the Indian Constitution, has been a Ph.D. student at the LSE while studying in the Gray’s Inn in London Bar Course.


The cost of living and health care is fair in the United Kingdom compared to other nations. It is easier to receive student visas from the U.K. than in other countries. Great Britain has a diverse cultural environment which in any other country is difficult to find. Meet and explore a vibrant community with people from around the world. In the above details, we have mentioned all the important details for the best colleges in the U.K. If you feel like asking anything, drop your queries in the comments section below. Thanks!

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