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Best 10 Types of Online Casino Bonuses

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One of the main advantages of playing at online casinos is that you will have access to all sorts of bonuses. This ultimately allows you to play a lot of your favorite games with only a small deposit. There are different types of bonuses that cater to either casual or hardcore players. Here we will go over all of these different popular bonuses available at online casinos and give you a brief overview of each one.

Casino Welcome Offer

Almost every online casino has a bonus offer. This tends to be the most generous bonus that can be applied to a few first deposits, and it can sometimes be customized by the user. So, you get to choose the types of perks you get depending on the type of content you are interested.

Casino Deposit Bonus

The deposit bonus is pretty self-explanatory. Players get a few extra spins or cash simply by making the minimum deposit required. These bonuses are great when you are playing at £5 minimum deposit casinos, as you can get a lot of value from that minor payment. It’s usually not as generous as a welcome offer, but it tends to be available a few times a week or during a single month.

Free Spins

Slot players love to get free spins, and this promotion is usually used in conjunction with a welcome offer. However, platforms with massive slot libraries tend to have free spin bonuses more frequently. That being said, you will usually be limited to a few games where you can use these freebies.


One of the most popular offers at the moment, as players get a portion of the lost funds credited back to their account. It’s not a big deal for someone who plays casually, but if you spend a lot of time on slots this is a great bonus. Many casinos have cashback offers during the weekends because that’s when most of their player base is active.

No Deposit Bonus

Another great promotion especially for the new players who are still not sure whether they should spend money or not. No deposit bonus is a small incentive for anyone who simply made an account on a gambling website. You can get between 5 to 20 pounds and spend them how you see fit.

Deposit Match

This is a good promotion for regular gamblers, someone who is not a big spender, but at the same time plays frequently. Deposit match bonuses usually have a cap between 200 to even 5000 pounds, and they will match your deposit for 100%, or 200%, or even 300% up to the designated cap.

Reload Bonus

Returning or regular players usually get to enjoy the so-called reload bonus. Someone who is recharging his or her account with extra funds might get more wagering credit, free spins, or even free chips. It’s sort of a loyalty program for casual players. These can be difficult to promote though, as some of the users who are no longer active might be problem gamblers. So, advertising these bonuses might create trouble with regulators, and get fined.

High Roller or VIP Perks

Online casinos tend to have big spenders or so-called whale customers, and they want to cater to these players as much as possible. People who spend tens of thousands on online casino games usually get some amazing perks that are really specific for each casino and are not always displayed on the site. So make sure to follow up with customer support and ask about these VIP perks and how to qualify.

Promo Codes

Every now and then you will be able to find promo codes for a specific platform. These tend to be used to promote an event or incentivize specific player behavior and are only available for a short time. Once again you might get free chips, spins, or sports betting credit.

No Wagering Bonus

Finally, almost all of the mentioned bonuses come with some kind of caveat in form of wagering requirements. This ensures that if a user wins some money using the bonus funds, the casino can get actual payment in return to secure future rewards for other players. No wagering bonuses mean that the bonus has no wagering requirements, and if you win anything you can simply claim the reward without any obligation towards the operator.


As you can see there are lots of promotions and offers available to both new and returning players. Given how the interest in this type of entertainment has spiked during the lockdown, it’s good to know that players have the means to manage their expenses. However, always remember to be cautious with your funds, and to play with legitimate providers.


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