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Benefits Of A Loft Storage Room During Winter

If you have gathered many things over time, or you tend to clutter all sorts of items but have no room to store them, then you are in dire need of a storage room. Storage rooms are especially handy at Christmas time, to store decorations as well as gifts bought for family and friends. 

The solution to this Christmas-clutter is loft boarding! Loft boarding provides sufficient space for your storage and is very cost effective. 

During winter holidays, all of us are excited about hanging decorations and buying gifts for our loved ones. Buying our Christmas trees, lights and festive decor and ornaments is something we all look forward to throughout the lead-up to Winter. But after Christmas has passed, the frustration begins when you’re running out of space to store all your lovely decorations safely for the next Christmas. 

You don’t have to stuff decorations in the boxes and just throw them in your attic, or somewhere else in your home for that matter! Google a loft boarding company near you and enjoy the fun of Christmas and its decor, knowing that you can keep items safely tucked away in your loft storage room with the same high spirits. 

There are numerous benefits of loft boarding that you are not aware of, particularly during the winter. Here are the top benefits for you to make the most of loft boarding in your home. 

Maximize your Space to Organize 

If you have a boarded-out loft then don’t be concerned about tangled lights and misplaced ornaments anymore. Having a spacious storage will prevent your Christmas spirits from turning into frustration and you can store your holiday decorations out of sight in a neat and tidy order. 

As you are no longer restricted to a small cupboard space or that cold garage, you can arrange them neatly by stacking them or hanging them as you wish. Having a storage room not only maximizes your home space and storage but you will enjoy organizing them accordingly ready for the next year. 

Optimising this space and making it safely accessible will also increase the value of your home. 

Protect Your Decorations 

We know that when Christmas decorations and ornaments are not stored properly, they get damaged or broken. Every year people waste valuable gift-buying funds on replacing these broken ornaments, bulbs and Christmas decorations. 

Even when you try to pack away these fragile items with precaution, putting them away in the garage and attic will not protect them from getting damaged by dust, mould, or insects. 

No Risk of Dampness 

There is also the risk of moisture or heat fluctuation that can damage items too. Make sure that you also get loft insulation in your house in order to secure your house and your storage well protected from weather, temperature fluctuation and mildew. 

Modern methods, such as raised loft boarding using Loft Leg, ensures no damage to the insulation and no risk of dampness. 

However, traditional loft boarding is not ideal for putting on top of loft insulation as it compresses it, squashing it and causing irreversible damage. If you are living in a New Build Property, then you won’t be covered for insurance claims on this type of damage. 

Contact A Loft Boarding Company Today 

If you are looking to have a secure and established loft this winter, The Loftman Company has got you covered – whether you need a sturdy loft ladder, a beautiful skylight or a new loft installed entirely. It’s important to know that quality materials are used to ensure durability, and they offer professional installation and honest advice – all with handy finance options available. 

With over 25 years of specialising in all things loft related, you can rest assured knowing that their work will be carried out with experienced craftsmanship. Contact them now to get booked in before Christmas! 

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